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madonna_schoolBuilding on news we heard last April, sources are saying that Madonna’s plans for building an all-girls’ academy in Malawi are coming along. The rumors come days after the music legend was denied adoption by a Malawian judge of little Mercy James. Apparently, she’s already purchased the land and is planning both a personal home and girls’ school. From The Sun,

“Last week a judge turned down her bid to become the girl’s legal mother because Madge hadn’t lived in the country for 18 months. Nevertheless, the chart-topper has instructed her architects to draw up plans for a home in the African country, as she believes adopted son DAVID BANDA would benefit from a connection to his birthplace. I’m told: ‘Madonna has a big, beautiful plot of land over there already. She’s planning to build a girl’s school in the Chinkhota village and those designs are well under way. But she’s gone back to the designers and asked if they could accommodate a family home on the plot or on adjacent land.’”

As some have noted, such a move may mean that Madonna is not yet ready to give up the fight for Mercy James. Whatever the true motive, if the school is indeed built, no doubt there will be a great many girls that benefit from its creation.

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  • Alex

    Madonna’s work in Malawi is really great. Mercy deserves her and Madonna deserves Mercy. In this time of crisis please, let the moral beautiness triumph.