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sea shepherd

While not everyone agrees with their tactics, the actions of Sea Shepherd this whaling season caused the Japanese fleet to fall well short of their killing quotas.

Japan’s Fisheries Agency blamed hunt disruptions from Sea Shepherd and inclement weather for resulting in only 679 minke being killed — well below a planned total haul of between 765 and 935 of the giant mammals. While that number killed is depressing, consider this: Japan caught just one fin whale compared with a target of 50. In total, 16 days of hunting were lost.

With the Japanese fleet now returning home, crew members are being questioned over clashes with Sea Shepherd. We’ve all seen the dramatic video footage of both ships colliding — and Paul Watson ended things early as a result of escalataing violence. The question remains: What will the Japanese fleet bring to the table next year? Will they have more high-tech audio weapons? A security detail? Will this year’s events cause Sea Shepherd to be taken out of the equation next year?

Stay tuned — Paul Watson and his crew have promised to be back — and with an even faster boat.

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  • steph

    awwww…too bad so sad for the Japanese….

    long live the Sea Sheppard and the innocents they put their lives on the line to protect. I for one thank them for all they do and support them 110%!!

  • herwin

    As far as i am aware Paul Watson didnt end things because of “escalating violence” but because word was out the japanese did send some patrolboat to board the Steve Irwin and confiscate all videos and documents.
    (to be continued next year)

  • Ben Vess

    Will this situation be shown on their new reality show??

    I recall the Sea Shepard having one–or was that a documentary??


  • Dr Sidney Holt

    It is clear from footage from the SS helicopter that Japanese vessels positioned themselves so that a collision was practically inevitable. Governments that claim to be working to bring an end to commercial whaling nevertheless all publicly condemn Sea Shepherd for its actions. But, strangely, they say little or nothing about the behaviour of Japanese vessels. I wonder why not? I have long been doubtful whether Sea Shepherd’s activities and proclivity to violence against property if not against people, really helped whales. But after nearly fifty years of campaigning for better treatment of the whales I have come to the conclusion that SS actions are now almost the only relevant activities to overcome the relative death of endless well-meaning talk.

  • sheryl

    Well done Capt. Watson and the crew of the Steve Irwin!

    I believe there’ll be lots of exciting footage on season 2 of “Whale Wars.”

  • Whoever…

    Although I have very good reasons not to trust 100% any organization (whether it is Greenpeace, HSUS, WWF, Sea Shepherd, PETA or any other), I am very pleased to hear that SS prevented those whalers (=murderers) from killing as many whales as they wanted in the first place.

    This is an issue where I’m not tolerant and don’t want to be!
    There is absolutely no valid reason for whaling to persist nowadays. There is no scientific research whatsoever – it’s a load of bull! Whaling still exists because the japanese mafia is behind it.

    There are moments when diplomacy doesn’t work. This is one of those moments – I say do as the alleged ( pirates from Somalia and capture the whaling ships; then get the crew out of there and sink the ships!!

    Absolutely!! So it is murdering whales because of some hidden interest that no government has had the balls to expose so far!!

    Oh and btw the japanese whalers are violating international agreements and laws by capturing whales where it’s forbidden to do so. And why no one says anything about that? Because japan is an economic power. Money always wins and always comes first… :(

    Therefore they continue to mock other nations by acting wildly against international laws…
    What makes them so different from other criminals?

    Oh yeah right, they are rich and powerful criminals…

  • maelstrom

    Well said Whoever! Too bad Captain Wats didn’t sink em…that’s a sharkparty I’d love to see!

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  • billy jean is my lover

    I love it. Japan blames everyone / everything else.

    What is new? usual propaganda from the ICR etc…

    Everyone would be alot happier if they WENT HOME!!

  • Sid E

    There’s a trade war in the making as more people are shunning Japanese made products due to their utter contempt for marine life.
    Like toyoto and honda, they can only hide the dirt for so long.

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