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The New York Post is reporting that Mayor Michael Bloomberg might actually be batting for Team VEG. 

Bloomberg and his staff recently visited Morton’s Steakhouse in Brooklyn and apparently the mayor stayed away from all things meat. is reporting:

“While Bloomberg feasted on onion soup, broccoli and grilled asparagus, his bodyguards were treated to some home cooking not offered on the menu. Bloomberg, we’re told, sampled the treats, but refrained from eating any meat and was “strictly vegetarian.”

I’m gonna guess that the onion soup was probably made with beef broth, but still, hearing this news is enough to make a New York City resident jump for joy! 

Do you have any hot gossip on Bloomberg’s new green eating habits? Leave a comment and share the dirt!


    Any step towards vegetarianism is one less animal killed and that much less unwanted saturated fat in the body.
    I think it is a great thing even if it starts with one meal

  • plantbased

    Erm… not to burst anyone´s bubble here, but did anyone check the date when this happened? Mayor Mike was most likely trying to keep kosher for Passover in a restaurant that does not. One swallow does not make a vegetarian; let´s see what he eats on the campaign trail this year.