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neilyoung_magicWith Neil Young’s new album Fork In The Road now available, the artist is working on some promotions to help drum up support for the music — and get people talking about sustainable transportation. Many of the songs on Fork deal with our addiction to oil, poor mileage, and lack of environmentally-friendly alternatives — like the LincVolt electric car Young had converted recently. And then there’s the accompanying music videos — which the musician seems to have simply thrown together in one or two takes.

As Treehugger points out, Young wants fans to make a better video for his song ‘Johnny Magic’. Your reward? A LincVolt Jacket. Um, yea. From the article,

‘Johnny Magic’ is the same guy who managed to get other behemoths to perform similar tricks, as we reported here on the Biofuel Hummer. So if you want to support the efforts of a mechanical visionary, a music legend as they strive for more efficient personal transport, then start making your video. The final date for Johnny Magic video submissions is 15 May 2009. You’ll get to work with lyrics like: “She burst from the garage in a blaze of silence” and “Now she goes long range on domestic green fuel / 100 miles per gallon is the Continental Rule.”

Feel a surge of creativity washing over you? Well, then grab the camera and start filming. You can find out additional details over at Young’s official site here.

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