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redford_ecovillageRobert Redford is throwing his weight behind a group protesting a proposed massive eco-village in Napa Valley, California. The development would feature 380 homes, including a 105-unit retirement center — leading many to question how “green” such a community could really be. Redford, who has lived in Napa for eight years, will be join the Advisory Council of Save Rural Angwin, which is leading the charge to defeat the proposed project.

“I believe that the citizens of Napa Valley, from American Canyon to Calistoga care about preserving our beautiful agricultural and rural heritage,” Redford said in a prepared statement. “That is why I am happy to join the Advisory Council of Save Rural Angwin in its efforts to preserve this naturally carved land-basin from development.”

Redford will also be honored by Duke University this week or lifetime achievement in the arts. Duke’s LEAF award recognizes artists who promote environmental awareness and stewardship. To learn more about his fight to save rural Angwin, visit their official (and in badly need of some polish) website here.

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  • http://none Nick Taylor

    Robert, have taken a good look at your looks lately. You need help my man. Seriously, don’t be concerned about being green; because it has literally gone to your head.

  • MND

    Robert,.. fight the good fight. Just because a marketer calls something “eco” or “green” doesn’t make it so.

    Case in point: the new “green” Hummer. Too bad California’s recent drought isn’t one of oxymorons.

  • Melissa

    Since Robert helped me build a 100-bed orphanage on 10 acres in Denver in the 1990s, I would think he would be more concerned about a place for people to live rather than looking at the land, especially since the person who founded that orphanage, me, is how homeless and he has refused to keep his word of past royalties from 3 movies he produce at my instigation including “The Horse Whisperer”. Did anyone see “Tribute to Ray” in 2004 with Robert’s speech about Melissa Jackson? Melissa Jackson