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hugh_smallWith more celebrities signing on to Twitter, it’s becoming quite the treat for fans to follow them in small, bite-size updates. It also opens up a level of interaction never before as accessible to the masses to ask questions and participate directly with their favs.

Anyways, Hugh Jackman is on Twitter (@RealHughJackman — obviously, there’s an imposter out there) and is offering $100K to the person who will tell him in 140 characters or less why their favorite charity is most deserving. The World’s Sexiest Man twitted, “I will donate 100K to one individual’s favorite non profit organization.Of course,you must convince me why by using 140 characters or less.” and then followed up a few hours later with “The more passion shown for your charity the better! Get the support of your friends and teach them the importance of giving.”

So, what are you waiting for? Show your support for a favorite charity and reply to Hugh! Make sure you follow us @ecorazzi and let us know what you said. We’ll then post some of those responses here on the Razz to drum up a bit more support!

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  • Art Sindlinger

    I recommend Feeding America ( to @RealHughJackman.

    “A person can have a thousand problems but if she’s hungry she’s only got one!”

    Full disclosure – I work with the Feeding America team to help bring awareness to the issue of hunger in the U.S.

  • Jim Hartley

    I recommend Learning Forum International, which helps empower young people with greater self-confidence, motivation, and learning and life skills.

  • Diane Hoefly

    Humane Society is over filled and needs major help. People are abandoning their pets they loved for years because they can’t afford them anymore. Not spaying or neutering their animals and overpopulation is everywhere. Sick, starving stray animals that didn’t ask for this life.

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  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    If I were to win my donation would go to The founder (well known animal activist, author and vegan for over 29 YEARS) is a dear friend of mine. They get as much done as HSUS (if not more) and are a tiny non prof founded in 1984. HBO made a film about the non prof entitled “Dealing Dogs”

    They’ll be featured on an hour long special all about them on Cesar Milan’s the Dog Whisperer on Ntl Geographic channel at 8pm on May 8th!

    I am hoping Ecorazzi will do a story on the episode :)


  • Lukkin

    Why can’t I register on Twitter? I tried yesterday in the evening and today twice, but there stood, that I can’t registrate at the moment.
    I want to write an application for he donator of Hugh Jackman, can I applicate in an other way then throug Twitter?

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  • Jaya Aaron

    I(Jaya_Puss on Twitter)sent this tweet:

    “The DreamTree Project in Taos, NM: Helping heal the wounds of the past & create hope for the future, one youth
    at a time.”

    DreamTree Project is a transitional living center that provides a safe and compassionate place for ‘at risk’ youth, ages 16-24, to live, while they learn the skills they need to become independent.

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  • CL Jones

    I am a blind person developing a website that will be published 04/26/2009. It is a division of New Visions of America, Inc a non-profit associated with ending poverty in America.

    My husband and I have worked together to bring this mission to life–while others tend to ignore the children subject to homelessness in America. There are a multitude of charities whose focus remains on countries such as Africa, Ethopia, Aisia and other countries while ignoring the problem right here in America.

    It is my passion to make sure the 1.5 million children in America that are homeless among the 97 million other Americans living in poverty have opportunity to sleep in a warm bed, have a warm bath and nutrious meal allowing American to experience the American dream in their own country…Cynthia Jones San Antonio Texas

  • CL Jones

    Sorry if the post was too long I cannot see can only hear….

  • CL Jones

    I feel twitters can send a broad based message and accompolish much for the 1.5 million homeless children in the US.

  • Rebecca

    Hello Hugh Jackman ,

    I’m a big fan of yours, not to impress you but to appreciate you. You might think that I’m a little off, but I think you should donate to Rebecca Pierre who wants to build school for poor people who doesn’t have the oppotunity to have career like we have here in America. That woul be a great honor.