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Question One: Dear Kathy Freston, why have we not met? Question Two: Why are you always so damn right on?

Quantum Wellness author and Oprah 21-day-veganizer Kathy Freston recently shared a shopping secret with W Magazine. Freston revealed she purposely chooses to buy vegan items from non-vegan designers to encourage them to expand their collection. In the article Freston explains it like this:

“It’s just like restaurants. I almost prefer to go to mainstream places because I think it’s good that they get requests for vegetarian and vegan meals. The more they get positive feedback on that, the more items they’ll add to their menus. And I think it’s the same with fashion houses.”

We feel ya!

But what do YOU think? Do you prefer to only support companies that share your ethics? Chime in and share your thoughts!!


  • Rob

    If we segregate ourselves off will anyone ever know what we’re up to? Raise awareness of veganism by talking about it!

  • Aelys

    Makes sense – why should vegetarians and vegans go only to specific places to eat or buy food?

  • herwin

    i usually go eat at veggie places, simply because i enjoy it there for the food and atmosphere, and i also want to support a 100% veggie business, because its tough sometimes and poor busines soon might result into a closed veggie busines.
    and a vegetarian meal might be okay in a mainstream restaurant, but any vegan knows that you might get some unwanted culinairy surprises in a mainstream restaurant. and explaining to the staff that you want a meal “without meat, fish, chicken, fish,seafood, butter, eggs, milk, honey, mayonaise, and what about the dressing of the salad, etc” just isnt relaxing.

  • Helena

    I agree! We need to make veganism mainstream, one product at a time.

  • VeggieTart

    While I prefer vegetarian/vegan restaurants–who knows if the waitstaff or the chefs are lying–I will go to veg-friendly places. I also do buy vegan products from non-veg companies if I like them and because I do want to increase demand for vegan products.

  • Elaine Vigneault

    I think veganism works differently depending on where you live and depending on your resources. If I lived in Portland, I’d be more likely to support only vegan companies. Here in Vegas, I don’t have as much of a choice.

    That said, I still prefer to dine with vegans and vegetarians. And I often prefer to eat at home than risk the added oil, added animal ingredients, etc. It’s simply my preference after decades of being relegated to side salads, steamed vegetable plates, and now bella-on-a-bun. For self-preservation purposes, more than for purity or conscientious consumption, I prefer vegan businesses.

    However, I’m not an expert and I make mistakes and I don’t much care about trace ingredients or that 0.0001 cents of my dollar to buy a Boca burger goes to support anti-vegan companies. I have more important things to care about: like how to help others go vegan more easily.

    Ultimately, in my version of the vegan utopia, animal exploitation is so abnormal and unusual, that average people never have to think about it. I don’t want a world of conscientious consumers; I want a world where producers wouldn’t even dream of using animals. That doesn’t happen just from watching where our money goes, that happens by fostering a social paradigm shift that respects animals, the planet, and human health :)

  • PrettyPervy

    I prefere vegan and vegan friendly places, at least when it comes to food, because I dont trust others. At least in Japan -_-” Gosh… Ham is not a vegetable.

    And also I dont want to support mean companies.

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