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With a fresh new update coming to our site soon, the Ecorazzi crack squad has decided to shake things up a bit! 

Starting today, the author names, which generally appear above each story, will look a whole lot different. Instead of seeing the usual “Michael” or “Parrish,” you’ll see our full names listed. Why dedicate a whole damn post to this? Well…keep reading!

Hollywood has their secrets and so do we. When I started at Ecorazzi a little over a year ago, Michael d’Estries and I made a big deal executive decision. Since he and I both not only have the same first name but the same initials, we decided that for clarity sake I would write under my middle name “Parrish.”  However, we’ve both begun working on numerous other projects and it’s beginning to get a bit confusing for yours truly. 

And so, starting today, instead of seeing “Parrish” you’ll see my full name “Michael Parrish DuDell.” (Insert: gasps, faints and screams.) 

So there it is! Now you know everything! I feel so exposed!

  • Michael Andre d’Estries

    Our logo looks really trippy there…the colors are making my eyes bleed.

  • Get Technical

    Glad to see you boys came out of the eco closet! :)

  • Marisa

    Beeeee freeeee, Michael P.D.!!!

  • Joe Overlease

    Parrish, Please drop me a line I need to speak with you off board..



  • Michael Parrish DuDell

    Hey Joe. You can reach me at