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I don’t think I’ve ever been more interested in getting ticket numbers for a movie — but the stats for Disneynature’s EARTH are certainly worth watching.

As we’ve reported to the point of ad nauseam, the new nature-themed studio from Disney will be planting one tree for every person who sees EARTH on its opening weekend. With a launch of this Wednesday, that gives plenty of days for moviegoers to hit the theatres and help out the planet in the process. Granted, they’ll probably all be driving there — but let’s focus on the positive for the moment.

Apparently, advance tickets to the film have been selling so well, that over 500,000 trees are already committed to being planted. Disney will oversee the planting of the trees in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, which is considered one of the most endangered rain forests in the world. Today, only seven percent of the Atlantic Forest remains.

So hey — give your kids a treat and take them to something that will delight as well as educate. Sure beats having to suffer through Hannah Montana. Again.

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  • Jessica

    So my family and I went to see “Earth” when it was released on Earth Day and we did not get any information about getting a tree planted. Where do we find this out?

  • JoAnne

    Same as Jessica, I went to see the movie EARTH with the intention of receiving information of how to donate a tree in my name and no information was given out. So I spoke to a manager of the theatre and she said she would give me a website and never did. The theatre was AMC at Universal City Walk, right in Disney Studio’s back yard. Wierd??????????

  • wornwinger

    is our culture so selfish and skeptical that you people need someone to hold your hand and walk you over to the tree your $11.00 movie ticket paid for? and this other reply,WHAT… want a brass plaque with your name on it under the tree you paid for?
    I am sure some money was spent buying the trees,some was spent moving the trees and some was spent getting the trees planted and maybe the other replyers should ask a landscaper how much it costs to get 1 tree planted.the fact that disney planted over 2million is awesome!