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OK, I’ll admit it: I watch celebrity apprentice. 

I mean how can I not? I have to support Celebrity Apprentice contestant and Ecorazzi reader Melissa Rivers, right?

Anyway, this week I noticed something pretty cool in the board room. NFL superstar Herschel Walker announced that even though his group cooked chicken for the challenge, he didn’t taste it because he’s a vegetarian! Who knew?

We’re happy to hear that Walker makes the green choice with each meal.

Check out the clip below to hear it with your own two ears!

  • chuck

    you guys are still going to bash him because he owns a food supply business that sells plenty of delicious meat.

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  • Nicole – Toronto

    Hahaha watching Celebrity Apprentice is one of my guilty pleasures as well and I am glad to hear I am not the only one! I was also pleasantly surprised to hear Herschel say he didnt eat meat either! One thing I HATE about Celebrity Apprentice is all the plastic water bottles they supply and show on tv. That makes me sick!

  • VeggieTart

    I love how the Donald asks why they cooked a meat entree if Hershcel doesn’t eat meat. Like he would have though highly had they prepared a vegetarian entree.

  • RaiGurl

    I think his team would’ve won the challenge had they would’ve chosen a great veggie entree. By looking at schwan’s website they offer VERY little vegetarian dishes and I didn’t see any vegan entrees. With more and more people going veg (at least a few times a week) it would’ve been a smart, healthy, innovative way for Schwan’s to tap a new market. Plus the other team didn’t even present the required marketing plan!