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As part of our Earth Day coverage, we’re gathering stories from around the green web that make us giggle, ponder, and crave. These sites are quality grooves of eco-blogging that we hope turn you on to other writers and green entities out there. Check out all our links after the jump.

Earth Day is hard, Earth Minute is easy | Mother Nature Network | Shea Gunther
On May 20 at 4:17 p.m., billions of people around the world will hold their collective breath for a full sixty seconds, preventing tons of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere. After Earth Minute is up, they will all go back to their normal lives polluting and impacting the environment, at least until Earth Minute comes back around next year (or until someone comes up with Earth Second).

City Of Green Rings To Be Built In Korea | Metaefficient | Justin Thomas
A Dutch architecture group MVRDV have won a competition to design a city center for Gwanggyo, a new city which could be built south of Seoul, Korea. The town is planned to be a self-sufficient city of 77,000 inhabitants. The architects say that all the elements of the city centre will be design as rings, and “by pushing these rings outwards, every part of the program receives a terrace for outdoor life.”

New thin-film solar tiles can transform your roof into a personal grid | EcoFriend | Anupam
Based on Thin-Film solar technology, the tiles enable homeowners to easily replace clay tiles with curved solar tiles without sacrificing both function and the visual appeal of the roof. The company claims that the tile generates more energy than comparable products on the market today.

The Call for a Green Constitutional Convention | Max Gladwell
As Patriots of the Green Revolution, we’re calling for a Constitutional Convention for sustainability. We’re calling for a gathering not unlike the origins of the greatest nation the world has ever known, The United States of America. We’re calling for the founding of a new Green Nation that has no borders, a nation that exists to serve all of humankind for all time. This is a call to declare our green independence and to draft the Green Constitution.

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