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“Let me tell you, I’m not vegan. I ate so many chickens to make this body. If there is a place in hell for people who eat chickens, I have booked a suite bigger than anybody.”

–Hugh Jackman speaking to a reporter yesterday on what he ate to get his body ripped for the new Wolverine movie. The actor was in Hollywood getting his hands and footprints immortalized at Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

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  • Christine

    gross! how disappointing because I used to think he was hot……

  • sheryl

    Yes, his hotness is greatly diminished knowing he’s chock full of chicken carcass.

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  • erin

    wow i always thought he was hot too. chicken is nasty…

  • Word Star

    He doesn’t need meat to create agreat body.

    There are hundreds of famous top level athletes -even Olympians- who are vegetarian or vegan. “Olympian of the Century” track star Carl Lewis, tennis champions Martina Navratilova and Billie Jean King, cricket star Anil Kumble, Mr. International bodybuilder Andreas Cahling, Heisman trophy winner Desmond Howard, Debbie lawrence Olympic race-walker, four time Mr. Universe Bill Pearl, 4-time Olympic gold medalist Al Oerter, WBC World Middleweight Champion Keith Holmes, double Olympic Gold medalist in hurdles Edwin Moses, and Dave Scott, six-time Ironman triathlon winner, to name but a few.

    And finally, two-time winner of the most grueling ultramarathon on earth is vegan Scott Jurek. Here is a description of the race quoted from a running magazine writer:

    “Starting in Badwater in Death Valley and stretching 135 miles, the Badwater Ultramarathon is known as “the most demanding and extreme running race offered anywhere on the planet.” “The race covers 135 miles, nonstop, from Badwater in Death Valley to the trailhead of Mount Whitney in the Sierras, the highest mountain in the Lower 48. The successful runners cross three mountain ranges…85 contestants from across the world show up in the 123 degree heat for the ultramarathon. “Ultra” because this race is five marathons back-to-back with another three miles tacked on to the end.” “The winner? Vegan competior Scott Jurek, who also won the Badwater last year.

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  • Angel

    Anybody that’s buff has to get proteins. And the fastest and most effective way to get proteins is with some sort of meat. I’m sorry but he had to eat meat if he wanted to bulk up the quickest.

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