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January Jones, best known for her role on the hit series Mad Men, had teamed up with Oceana to promote a campaign to protect sharks. The actress is working with the org as a spokesperson to help pass The Shark Conservation Act in Congress — which would implement stronger protection for sharks by requiring that sharks be landed whole with the fins still attached to the bodies. The Federal legislation would also allow the U.S. to take action against countries whose shark finning requirements are not consistent with those in the United States.

“I have been entranced by sharks ever since I can remember.” said Jones. “They have roamed the oceans for millions of years, but now scientists have found that shark populations are now crashing around the world largely because tens of millions of sharks are killed by commercial fishing each year. We should be scared FOR sharks.”

Jones recently went with Oceana to the Bimini Biological Field Station in the Bahamas to swim with sharks and get some up-close encounters. You can view her PSAs for the org — as well as find out more on how you can help — here.

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  • Whoever…

    “We should be scared FOR sharks”

    She’s so right…

    And that stupid Spielberg movie ‘Jaws’ didn’t help at all!

    Although I find sharks beautiful, most people still think they are horrible killers and man eaters!!

    However only a few people are killed by sharks each year, while we murder millions of those animals during the same period of time!
    And for what? So some ignorant people can have their pathetic shark-fin soup or something like that?

    So who is the killer after all?

  • hil

    It’s funny that peopole are so afraid of Sharks…the deadliest animal to man kind is actually the deer :)

  • erin


    Is that because people hit them in their cars? Looks like WE are the most deadly animal to them. They’re just walking around like God intended. We’re the idiots who paved their natural habitat and drive on it in non natural vehicles ;)


  • hil

    Of course, it’s just kinda ironic that deer are the animal related to the most human deaths…it’s got an odd sort of harmony to it when you think about all the really bad-assed animals out there and deer are the ones that are impacting human development the most :)

  • tina

    Shark finning is one of the most deplorable acts I’ve ever seen. Why does Man suck so much?!?!?

  • Whoever…

    Well Tina, probably because humans are the most arrogant species on this planet!
    That’s what makes us so destructive…

    And religions don’t help at all, since they promote the absurd idea that god, allah or whatever put humans on earth as the superior and special species while all the others are supposed to ‘serve’ us!
    What religious people (especially christians) tend to forget is that one of the 10 commandments says: “Thou shall not kill!” It actually doesn’t specify what is it we shouldn’t kill! If god is a perfect being why would he (and I’ve never understood why it’s a he and not a she) allow one of the commandments to be ambiguous? Or was (s)he in fact referring to killing both animals and humans alike?

    I believe most humans are under a state of ‘zombification’ and therefore most people just act accordingly to what society tells them.

    That’s why they are so easily controllable, which consequently leads to the way our planet and societies are right now!

    At least that’s my opinion…

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  • http://stellamarie2 Michael Hayes

    January, was wondering if you have had any contact with Lyn Robinson, an old friend that I have lost track of. I last saw Lyn and Scott Grenfel in Malawi, Africa some years ago and am trying to reach them again. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!!

  • libby

    so if i went swimming one day just to enjoy nature and suddenly i was eaten alive by one of these “majestic” animals, no one would even bother or feel sad for me, huh? i mean come on ppl, these are hidious meat eaters of the oceans!

    • don miguelo

      You should be able to run around in lion country too as you please! While you’re at it bat down a wasp nest and push a bear over to fish! What are these animal’s problems?!

      Joking aside, sure we would feel sad for you.
      I think what your saying is we should only care about the safe animals and that because sharks might eat us we should wise up and kill them first. That reasoning may work on a small tribal scale, but when you kill off the predators at a species level where they cannot procreate or perform their role (predators), the ecosystem goes out of whack. Is that what you want, the ocean to become MORE out of balance?

      I don’t think so.

      PS this is coming from someone who has a healthy respect (fear!) of sharks in general, but can also see shark-finning is unsustainable and IMO disturbingly cruel.

  • georgina0912

    Hmmm, they are not hideous and yes, they are meat eaters OF THE oceans. Sharks are needed to keep certain populations of animals and fish under control. Yes, they are predators and if one happens to be in the ocean at the wrong time and with the wrong shark one could become shark food, but that is the risk we taken when we go to the beach right? They are needed to keep the oceans’ ecosystems healthy and thriving.

    Personally i love them, i have seen them while diving and they are absolutely breathtaking and have never interfered with whatever they are doing.

    Now, it is not like we would not feel bad for Libby, but seriously, if you are afraid of sharks (and who does not have a healthy amount of respect and fear for them?) just do not go in and go to a pool. And remember that you are more likely to die from a bee sting or drinking dirty water than from a shark attack.