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I have to hand it to Josh Rachlis — the won’t give up. Just about two years ago, he offered global warming activist Laurie David a marriage proposal via online video. To cap it off, he even made her a ring made from a cap off a carton of juice. It was touching — and it chokes me up today just thinking about it.

Apparently, Josh never received his answer from Laurie — which in his eyes is a sign of hope that he might still have a shot. To get his message across even clearer, he’s released a new video — this time in the form of a hip-hop rap. It’s really well done and we hope Laurie, somewhere, somehow, and for some reason is watching. Good luck, Josh (Again)!

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  • Marilla

    Josh rules! I hadn’t seen this video before (Josh and I make video podcasts together and this blew me away. Now I’m embarrassed the fact I make Josh sit in a two-shot for the entire podcast. This is awesome!

  • RemyC

    Laurie David’s got herself a green stalker… You gotta love it! I mean if you’re gonna go for it, may as well GO LARGE… so you gotta hand it to the guy. But don’t take it personal, Laurie never replies to anyone. And she cancels commitments at the last minute, leaving hundreds of well meaning people in a lurch. You’re much better off without her mate. Get over her… You deserve better. There’s an awesome green girl for you out there, who isn’t old enough to be your mother! ;o)