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EVERYONE wants to be green these days. Don’t believe me? Well if you’d been at the Go Green Expo you certainty would! 

This past weekend the Go Green Expo hit NYC like an eco hurricane and rocked the city for 3 days straight! 

With over 250 exhibitors, the show was packed with some of the latest and greatest green products on the market. One of my favorite companies from the show was Print Responsibly — a new e-commerce website offering environmentally conscious printing services. The company officially launched on Earth Day and I think you’re gonna love what they do. Go check them out!

On Saturday I had the chance to sit down with green goddess Mariel Hemingway  for an hour-long exclusive interview. Did you know that she’s like the coolest? Then, of course, I stayed to say hello to our friend Nigel Barker and caught another screening of his powerful documentary A Sealed Fate?. In the film Nigel documents his work with the HSUS to help expose the brutal Canadian seal hunt that takes the lives of hundreds of thousands of baby seals each year. You HAVE to check it out!

Then on Sunday I moderated a panel that included Treehugger’s Ken RotherThe Lazy Environmentalist Josh DorfmanRiverkeeper’s Craig Michaels, Greenopia’s  Gay Browne, Sierra Club’sDan Miner and Green Debot’s Sarah Beatty. These guys are hella smart and proved that being environmentally conscious is the ONLY way to rock it!

So as you can see, the weekend was a success thanks to all the work by Go Green Expo CEO Bradford Rand and his amazing team. Of course we have to thank OrganicWorks for always treating us so darn great! 

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