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Exclusive: Alicia Silverstone Chats With Ecorazzi At Heart Of Green Awards

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Actress Alicia Silverstone attends the 2009 Heart of Green award

Alicia Silverstone gave me a hug. I repeat: ALICIA SILVESTONE GAVE ME A HUG!!! 

Now listen, I am not a “starstruck” person at all! You could put me in a room full of Hollywood royalty and I’d be like “Cool. I’m in room full of Hollywood royalty.” Seriously — it fazes me about zero. However, there are a few select celebs out there that make this vegan boy’s heart go pitter-patter. Alicia Silverstone is DEFINITELY one of those celebs! 

You see, Alicia’s speech at Farm Sanctuary’s 2006 Gala was a serious catalyst to get my ass in gear and find my voice as an activist — which led to writing for Ecorazzi, co-founding VEGdaily and starting my new nonprofit (more on that later). 

So when I got the chance to speak with the star at TheDailyGreen.com’s Heart of Green Awards last Thursday, you better believe my insides were all jittery like! 

We only had a couple minutes to chat, so I’ve combined our interview with her acceptance speech. Check it out below:

Ecorazzi: You have a new book coming out called The Kind Diet. Tell me about what we can expect to see in it?

Alicia Silvestone: Yes, I’m so excited! It really feels like the most artistic expression of myself because it’s everything I’ve wanted to say for a very long time. Every time I worked on it my heart just opened up.

It’s called The Kind Diet and it’s about being kind to yourself and the planet at the same time. It really breaks down Eastern philosophy versus Western philosophy in terms of health. I bring in all the doctors so you can understand the medical and scientific approach and know it’s not just some ditzy girl talking about this stuff. 

E: Did you get PCRM’s help?

AS: Yeah! I bring them all in — all the good guys! We’re bridging perspectives with these superhero doctors and then sort of going into all the different illnesses and what they’re caused by and how they’re brought on. Then we talk about the bad foods and what they do and the great foods and what they can do. 

E: How do you think veganism relates to green living?

AS: Well veganism IS green living. It’s a fundamental aspect. How can you be green and not at least try to be vegetarian? That’s really what my book is about. It’s not about beating yourself up if you don’t do it 100 percent. Do the best you can! Rather than be like “Oh, I can’t do that,” just commit to doing a little bit more. In terms of the environment: I think it’s a thing that people are afraid to address because it means they actually have to make some massive choices.

The water it takes to produce one sixteen-ounce steak is equivalent to the water used in 6 months of showering. That’s out of control! If you talk about the environment and want things to be green then you HAVE to look at your diet first. It’s a really powerful statement and it feels great. That’s the most beautiful thing about this whole diet. It’s like God smiling on you. This idea that what’s good for your body is the same thing that’s good for the planet is a miracle. It’s not like something different or strange. It’s all connected — as it should be — in this magical way. 


Because it isn’t nice to hog all the green carpet time, at this point I had to let some other interviewers chat with the star. Below is Alicia’s acceptance speech from the awards ceremony: 

AS:I want to thank you so much for this honor and really thank all of you for doing such amazing work. It’s amazing that this is sort of cool now when we’ve all been doing it for so long and have been thought of as crazy and whatnot. Anyway, I just wanted to say I’m so grateful to you. When I got the email about this honor I was really giddy and felt very proud. What I’m filled by every single day is the result of living this lifestyle and being rewarded everyday because I feel great. I got to have better skin, I got to have a better body and I got to have my heart opened and feel more connected to this earth and to people. That’s the gift this universe provides when we make these great choices. So I feel blessed with that everyday and walk around thinking everyday is Earth Day. Just putting a banana peal in the compost gets me very excited.

I know the green movement is still a little separated from the dietary choices people make. It’s coming together very nicely now, but for a long time there was the environmental movement and the animal movement and the human movement. But they’re all the same movement! I’ve always taken the approach that we’re all doing the same work.

I just want to articulate that it’s not an all or nothing thing. A lot of people are afraid to sort of begin the vegetarian conversation because they think, “I can’t do that.” But you really can! Even if you just do it a little more than you do now, you’re making a massive difference to your own being and also to the planet. Again, I don’t want to scare you — you don’t have to do it all at once. You can take baby steps and just try as hard as you can so if you fall off it’s no big deal. But at least you’re trying. Maybe be an aspiring vegetarian or something like that. Oh and if you live in New York you have to go to Candle 79 and get the Seitan Picatta because that will rock your world and you will never miss meat. So thank you very, very,very,very much.

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