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Best known for her work on Golden Girls, Bea Arthur’s career spanned decades. However, it’s her dedication to animals that many are remembering in the days after her passing. According to

“An honorary PETA director and the winner of multiple PETA Humanitarian Awards, Bea Arthur joined PETA in 1987, when the Golden Girls did an anti-fur episode and Arthur, Rue McClanahan, and Betty White filmed a PETA anti-fur PSA on the set of the show.

A tireless advocate for animals, Bea campaigned against the force-feeding of ducks in the foie gras trade, travelling to London with PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk, where she called on Harrod’s to stop selling the cruelly made pâté.

Bea also called for a boycott of KFC until it improves the way it raises and kills its chickens, campaigned against animal experimentation, spoke out about the abuse of animals on factory farms, and was a vocal opponent of the use of exotic animals in circuses.”

She loved PETA so much that her family has asked that donations be made to the organization in lieu of flowers. 

The Ecorazzi crew sends our very best to Bea’s friends and family. She will be missed.

  • erin

    She was a great woman. She also did ads warning women not to take Premarin which is made out of horse urine (gross) and was later proven in scientific studies to cause CANCER! My mom and birth mother both stopped taking it at that point in time. Sadly my birth mother got cancer from it (Her swiss docs (she lives in Switz) said it was caused from the drugs. Fortunately she lived to tell about it.

    Long live Bea Arthur and her great messages.


  • Whoever…

    May her soul/spirit be guided to the place where she is meant to go…

    May her ‘transition’ be a peaceful one and full of ‘light’…