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rueOn Larry King Live last night, Rue McClanahan and Betty White were in the studio paying tribute the late, great, Bea Arthur and reminscing with King. As we touched upon yesterday, Arthur was a huge animal rights supporter — and an honorary director of PETA for more than two decades. King brought up her relationship with the organization — and questioned PETA’s tactics with this question:

KING: Rue, PETA can be pretty rough, can’t they?

MCCLANAHAN: No. I think they do it exactly the way it should be done. They do it through the courts. They do it legally and they make a lot of changes in the way animals are suffering. I really admire them. I’ve been with them for years and I just — they — I can’t say enough wonderful things about how they operate.

Oh snap, King! Rue McClanahan just gave you a Golden Girls double-slam with extra sass. Take that to your hyperbaric sleeping chamber (Larry King will live forever!) and smoke it!

Check out the full transcript here.

Thanks to the always wonderful Erin for the tip!

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  • Nikki V

    Way to go Rue!
    Secondly the Larry King Tribute to Bea Arthur was awful.
    More coverage and time should have been paid to the wonderfully talented Bea Arthur!!! If it was a man comic Larry would have spent 2 shows on the subject or if it had to do with Obama. Very sad CNN

  • Kelsey

    Rue is fantastic and clever and I think the same about PETA! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Ari

    These women are amazing!! All three of them are so talented and lovely (we’ll miss you Bea) and ALL were involved in animal rights campaigns. Good for Rue for standing up to Larry about PETA.

  • erin

    You’re welcome Michael ;) When I heard it live I was like “You go girl!” I hardly watch tv but someone had it on and was SO glad I heard this. Yes all three of them are amazing (Even if Betty W wanted to have the elephant stay at that zoo) They’ve all worked hard to help the animals.

    Larry King can suck it! (and yes, he will live forever ;)


  • Michelle Gutierrez

    Hi, my name is Michelle Gutierrez one of my dreams is to meet one of The Golden Girls. I would very much like to meet Blanche or Rose. I am only 12 years old but i still love ur show, ssssoooo much. Me n my brother Matthew Gutierrez would very much like to meet u. I hope that this message gets to anyone who can contact Blanche or Rose.
    Thank you,
    Michelle Gutierrez