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Electric cars had the spotlight on The David Letterman show last night — with the CEO of Telsa Motors Elon Musk in the hot seat and his new Tesla Model S on display.

Letterman was in rare form, going on a bit of tirade against hydrogen fuel cell technology — but reserving even more angst for the electric Chevy VOLT. “The VOLT has a range of 40 miles,” Letterman said. “That will get you down the driveway and back. I mean, it’s insane. 40 miles is the range of the VOLT. That’s ridiculous.” Actually Dave, not all of us have 20-mile driveways — and 40 miles would suffice for the commute of a  majority of Americans. Not to mention he forgot about the range-extender that turns on after 40 miles to give you a couple hundred miles extra. Poor criticism.

Anyways, after the interview, Dave had the new Tesla Model S cruise out on stage — and then, well, went a little batshit crazy. It’s embarrassing, to say the least. Fast-forward to 9:43 to see.

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    Sounds like he has a load of cum stuck in his throat. He used to be funny, 20 years ago.

  • Eric

    Haha, kinda sad when, halfway through his “electrocution” he has to explain the joke.

    I do think Letterman is on the side of hybrid/electric cars, its just that he he’s stating how ludicrous things are because they’ve been around for so long, yet the technology is still miles behind where it should, thanks to the oil and big car companies stifling the growth of the electric car industry.

  • Eco Dude

    Hey Eric – You don’t actually believe that load of BS fed to you by the battery EV zealots that made that already debunked movie, “Who Killed the Electric Car?” do you? If so, perhaps you need to read this:

    With that out of the way, Letterman did everyone a disservice, as well as the extremely desperate, misleading, and erroneous Elon Musk putting this “Concept” car on national TV. Does anyone seriously think that Tesla is going to thrive?! You would be an absolute fool to put any money into that company if you’ve been following the news. If you did get suckered into believing that anything from Tesla will actually be mass-produced, you should do your homework. Tesla wants to be bought out by a major automaker – that is common knowledge.

    If I want to get my green auto news from an entertainer, I will listen to Leno:

  • s

    dude, he didn’t even KIND of look like he was getting electrocuted. he just looked kind of nuts.
    okay, very nuts.

  • RemyC

    FYI David Letterman OWNS a Tesla Roadster which he drives to work from New Canaan, Connecticut to Manhattan every week. He was just being over the top, playing to his audience, making people laugh, Elon Musk included!!!

    You bet the Model S is going to get built, and lots of’em… what people don’t seem to understand is that Tesla’s access to capital is pretty much unlimited since it’s being supported by all the Internet billionaires who want to save the world.

    Tesla is an America company, Made in the USA. It’s a class act. It’s what GM should have done 20 years ago if they hadn’t become slaves to dues collecting Union boses and criminal oil companies.

    At least GM had the good sense not to name the Volt the Edison! If GM is still around to make the Volt, maybe the US military will finally get their Hybrid Hummer, which they’ve been waiting for since 1997 when the prototype was introduced!

  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    Hey Eco Dude,

    I cannot believe you’re linking an article from Auto Week. What do you EXPECT them to say? It’s AUTO week – about the most ungreen publication there is. Of course they’re going to be down on the film and on Michael Moore. They support the AUTO industry Duh…

    Also Leno has Musk on HIS show too and rides in the Tesla. SO what’s the diff? there isn’t any.

    I think Auto industry dude supporter would be a better name.



  • http://TeslaModelS Robert D. Boyd

    David Letterman should retire because he no longer entertains the great majority of the viewing public.

    He is an idiot “has been”.

    Please take him off of the air.

  • TRU

    Why don’t Dave ask all these questions to his representatives and senators instead of questioning the CEO from TESLA?
    And I think the same of the Volt, please bring the ev1 back!!

  • Eco Dude


    Nice pretzel logic you displayed – NOT! Using your “logic” we should all ignore the facts, and since Jay Leno writes about automobiles for “Octane”, “Popular Mechanics”, and the “Sunday London Times”, we should lump him in with Autoweek, (the “ungreen” publication?!) Autoweek wrote a fairly well-rounded article, considering that those who made the movie have never worked in the automotive industry!!! Time to take off those blinders and look around to see how you’ve been duped by the vidiots who made that box office bomb!

    HUGE differences exist between Leno and Letterman. Visit the Leno link that was previously included. Letterman isn’t even in the same league as Leno when it comes to knowing about cars…

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