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alo-000211It’ official! Kelly Clarkson has cancelled her July 9th performance at the Calgary Stampede. You see, she knows, like we do, that rodeo’s are NEVER cool.

This same kind of thing seems to happen every year. A VEGtastic animal-loving celebrity gets booked at a rodeo unbeknownst to them. The VEGtastic animal-loving celebrity finds out that rodeos = animal exploitation and refuses to perform at the venue. The story usually ends with the rodeo suing the celeb, but hopefully that won’t happen this time.

We’re pleased as punched that Kelly won’t be supporting the rodeo. According to PETA

“Standard rodeo events include calf roping, steer wrestling, bareback horse and bull riding, saddle bronc riding, steer wrestling, steer roping, and barrel racing. The animals used in rodeos are captive performers. Most are relatively tame but understandably distrustful of humans because of the harsh treatment that they have received.” 

To learn more about why the rodeo is a total bummer, visit!

  • Whoever…

    Just like bullfighting and other disgraceful ‘spectacles’, rodeos only exist because pseudo-men feel the need to dominate animals so they can justify calling themselves men…

    But in fact they are nothing but little,frustrated zombies who only feel like ‘real men’ by abusing animals!!!

    I say hell with them all! I wish they would be infected with H1N1!!!

    And it’s Kelly who should sue their lily white asses and not the other way around!

    This really pisses me off :(

  • The Facts

    Trisha McClanahan of Starstruck Management Group, who is booking Clarkson’s tour, dismissed that report on Friday.

    “She’s not a vegetarian,” said McClanahan. “She’s been a vegetarian in the past, but currently she’s not.”

    According to McClanahan, Clarkson’s postponed tour date simply came about because she wished to include Calgary as part of her larger Canadian tour in November.

  • Ashley

    I love Kelly. Sweet humble girl she is.

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