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Even though it drives me crazy that Rachel Ray abbreviates Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Seriously? EVOO?), I am pleased to announce that homegirl is being honored with a pretty fantastic award. 

This June, North Shore Animal League America will honor the television chef with the President’s Award for Humanitarian Excellence. 

According to the League:

“Rachael’s devotion to her own dog, Isaboo, her championing of the often unfairly maligned pit bull breeds and her support of shelter and rescue groups has brought attention to the plight of homeless animals. Nutrish, Rachael’s pet food company, has generously supported the Animal League in helping us save the lives of countless pets.

“Rachael and her husband John stirred up the excitement attending the DogCatemy Celebrity Gala where they shared their home-made video of their beloved Isaboo. Her concern for the wellbeing of all animals is reflected in the Rachael’s Rescue website, where the Animal League stands as one of several shelter and rescue groups benefitting from proceeds of Nutrish sales.“

While I’m thrilled to death that Rachel is doing her part for all the needy pups out there, I wish she’d make the connection between the food she eats and the animals that must suffer for it. Can I get an amen?

The luncheon will take place on June 3 at the Garden City Hotel, Garden City, New York. Tickets to the event are $150 and are available at

  • David


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  • erin

    she’s my on my top three list of worst chefs EVER!


  • Louise

    Make sure when you go to adopt a puppy that you remember to bring a crate. I was transporting a cute 6 month old lab-border collie mix puppy that I had just adopted and the dog got off of it’s leash in the back seat-climbed into the passenger side and then attacked me numerous times while I was driving. What a mess. I was able to control the car. The bites were on the arms-luckily, not on my face. This was a nice dog that had been living with children. Apparently when we passed by some cows it got scared aggressive. Lesson learned: Dogs can act in an unpredictable manner and when transporting a dog -even if you know the animal, keep it in a crate.
    Thanks for all you do Rachel!!

  • Whoever…

    As someone once told me:

    “Why love some animals and eat others?”

  • Ashley

    She has talent but I doubt she’ll give up meat in her lifetime.

  • Elaine Vigneault


  • jaxin

    Yeah something about reading that along with the picture of her stuffing her mouth with a big wad of meat is kind of disconcerting.

  • RemyC

    She must be very popular in Korea.

  • RemyC

    Rachel Ray’s next project:

  • Helena


  • Erin Raw foods retreat


    You are pretty freakin funny ;)

    And as for the dog stuck in the back seat on a leash in a car he’d never been in before? I bet that’s what aggravated him, not the cows.

    Always wise to have a crate for a new animal who is going to be in a new place/new car/new person etc.

    Honestly in my years of rescue? I’ve never seen someone not use a crate. that’s a first for me ;) But glad he was adopted…


  • Ed Coffin


  • Sonia

    Amen brotha!

  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    Remy C,

    Since Ecorazzi posts some posts immediately and others when they see deemed fit I didn’t see your link to youtube til’ just now and now the link has been deemed innapropos.. can you send another!??

    thank you!


  • RemyC

    Erin Raw foods retreat… all you have to do is confirm your birthdate on YouTube. If you’re under 17 then you’re out of luck. Find an adult to click the link for you.