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Last year we broke the top secret news that Broadway was belting their asses off to help green up the theater scene!

Proving that it wasn’t just talk, last Friday it was announced that The Durst Organization and Bank of America have  just completed the Henry Miller Theater — New York City’s first New York’s first LEED®-rated performance space. Hallelujah!

To meet the necessary requirements, a minimum of 25 percent of materials were locally sourced and forty-five percent of cement in the foundation was replaced with blast furnace slag — significantly reducing the amount of CO2 being released into the atmosphere.

Furthermore, a minimum of 85 percent of  all construction and demolition debris was recycled instead of going straight to the landfill. Oh and let’s talk about the fancy under-slab drainage system that captures groundwater and recycles it into the building’s gray water system. Sexy, right?

About the project, Senior Scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council Allen Hershkowitz, said: 

“This project sets the standard for environmental stewardship in theater design and, given the visibility of the project, it admirably recognizes Broadway’s potential to influence public opinion and inspire positive action,”

The theater will officially open on Sept. 10th with a production of Bye Bye Birdie. So get your tickets NOW and help support the Great GREEN Way.