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If you’re a regular Ecorazzi reader than certainty you must be familiar with Joshua Katcher’s and Chloé Jo Berman’s — two of our very, very favorite fellow eco-blogs. And if you know anything about sustainable fashion than I’m sure you’ve drooled over Elizabeth Olsen’s olsenHaus collection — a green, vegan shoe line that proves you never have to sacrifice ethics for fashion. 

Well, on Tuesday, May 5th (AKA TOMORROW), Joshua, Chloe, Elizabeth and ME will be holding a panel discussion about ALL things green at the Northface store in NYC!

From fashion to food, we’ll be dishing about how you can green up your lifestyle and be a planet-loving, green-living, ecotastic rockstar! 

So get out your Blackberry and schedule this event in for tomorrow at 8pm. And make sure you say hello. I love to meet all of our awesome readers!

Click HERE to get directions. See you there!!

  • Parrish Groupie

    Ooooooh, I hope someone video tapes it. I want Ecorazzi to post it so I can see some sexy Parrish again on my laptop. :)

  • Michael Parrish DuDell

    Look, Mom — I have fans.

  • Ashley

    Have fun guys.

  • jamie lynn

    dang, i had no idea you were so cute.

    don’t tell my hubs i said that ;p

  • John Pelley

    Have fun and share the news.

  • Whoever…

    I hope you guys ‘convert’ a lot of people to the green lifestyle – veg*nism and environmentalism. ;)

    Oh how wish I was American and actually lived in NYC. I would SO be there!

    :( :(

  • Allison

    I’ll be there, can’t wait! :)

  • Michael Parrish DuDell

    Allison- Yay! Make sure you say hola!

  • GreenerGirl

    I wish I could go! I’m in Boston but trying to get my sis to go as my proxy and say hi to my ‘razzi friends for me.

  • Randi B. @

    It sounds like so much fun, just the kinda thing that has really cool people going to it…I live in Cali but my friends & I will be there in spirit…sending amazing positive energy to you guyz!