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A few weeks back, we spotlighted a growing rift between U2’s David Evans (know by his nickname “The Edge”) and some residents of Malibu over his plans to build five mountaintop “eco-mansions”. Those opposing the development cited environmental issues with the project — though we also suspect there were some NIMBY undertones as well; since the homes would be built above famous celebrities like Dick Van Dyke, Kelsey Grammer and James Cameron.

Now, Evans is fighting back with a new website called “Leaves in the Wind” that reveals his plans for the site. Included is an entire section dispelling myths associated with the project – as well as architectural drawings showing just how green the homes will be.

“I never thought I would have to resort to this form of communication, but because of recent inaccurate media coverage, I felt compelled to set the record straight,” writes Evans on the site.

“I hope you will agree that my partners and I have worked diligently to design homes that meet the highest environmental standards; that fit appropriately and aesthetically into this beautiful part of Southern California; and that are truly remarkable examples of the best architecture and design.”

According to the site, of the 156 acres that Evans owns on the mountaintop, only one 1 acre of the total land will be developed, leaving “most of the land untouched and in its natural state”. The homes will also blend into the landscape, be LEED-certified, and take advantage of almost every green technology available. As I’ve said before, the best way to respect the environment would be to not build at all — but since this land was already designated for five future homes, at least this is the direction the development is taking. Have a look at some of the designs for the homes below.

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  • Mouse

    Yet another reason to love The Edge!

  • Tony Smith

    I hope the good plans of Evans of building “eco-mansions” on mountain tops are well-accepted by the residents of Malibu. Once completed, it would definitely be something to pride for the residents.

    Tony Smith