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Earlier this year, Ecorazzi told you that Wyntergrace WilliamsMontel Williams’ daughter, had teamed up with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to help change the way school does lunch!

We all have our own cafeteria horror stories (see also: mystery meat) and Wyntergrace is trying to end those lunch nightmares for good!

Williams recently recorded a new video encouraging everyone to sign PCRM’S petition urging school cafeterias to make healthier meals for students. 

Check out the video below and then visit Let’s put an end to meatloaf surprise!

  • Ashley

    My school served burgers that looked more like it’s patty was a Boca than a beef.
    But the baked sweet potato fries were a blast.

  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    I wonder if her dad Montel Williams is veg. I know he has multiple sclerosis but don’t know if he’s veg or has read the books (found on Amazon and elsewhere) written by MD’s which many credit to healing their MS.
    I do see he has a research foundation that (from what I’ve read) tests on animals, but (not surprisingly) has not found a cure by doing mindless tests on cute animals.


  • Amanda

    It’s great to see kids weighing-in on healthy food in schools!
    Another similar story in today’s WaPo:

  • Hater

    Wyntergrace is only getting this commercial because her dad is famous. Other people have tried for years to get healthy school lunches and just because her dad is a talk show host means that she gets her 15 minutes of fame.

  • Vianner

    Hey! I think what your doing is Awesome!!! We went to camp together…( Camp Move it ’09) and I think i’ll go sign tht petition..lolxz…keep up the good work!