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Remember that special Oprah had last year addressing the “dark side” of chicken factory farming? The same one that helped earn her PETA’s 2008 “Person of the Year” Award? Yea, well, we don’t see a repeat performance anytime soon.

On Oprah today, the host announced that she was hooking up with Kentucky Fried Chicken to give away a free two-piece Kentucky Grilled Chicken meal to every family in America. Obviously, this is going to come as a shock to PETA — who is in the middle of a renewed campaign urging KFC to change the way its suppliers treat their chickens. Famous folks like Pamela Anderson, Sir Paul McCartney, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, The Rev. Al Sharpton, and countless others have signed on to boycott KFC.

Some will argue that this is a free meal — and in a time of economic hell, any food is good food. It just bothers me that with everything Oprah has done to bring attention to the plight of chickens and animals in factory farms, that she would approach a chain like KFC to give people a free meal. Why not give something relatively healthy like a free salad instead? Spout off below.

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  • CoCreatr

    I’d take the free salad over the free chicken, but then this would not be good advertising until they are called Kentucky Tossed Salad.

  • jack shepperd

    What a hypocritical bitch. Way to turn your fat head on your principles. There are plenty of other food chains like subway that may have been interested in this kind of deal, and this move also removes any credit she had in the animal rights community in my opinion.

  • Matt

    Commit to your decisions. Don’t you have a secretary for that? Seriously!

  • NZvego

    Yeah, this is pretty idiotic. Bulk food would be a much better option, one meal at KFC isn’t going to do shit. Pretty much the worst coice you could have made there Oprah… Kudos for trying to help though.

  • Joe

    “Why not give something relatively healthy like a free salad instead?”

    I am not going to dignify this question with a response.

  • PETA


  • Steve

    First off, the PETA claims about the abuses of chickens by KFC were blown way out of proportion. It was one supplier that was not even operated by KFC that they made their entire campaign about. PETA is by and large full of crap anyway. Want to know the truth about PETA? Check out and see what your lovely “animal lovers” are really all about.

  • chuck

    People on twitter are printing out coupons and passing them out to the homeless.

    I’m sure the overwhelming majority of the homeless people who will get numerous free meals from KFC in the next 2 weeks would rather have a hot chicken meal with 2 sides than a measily salad.

  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    Oprah looks like an oversized fat Chicken. I have lost all respect for her. These people don’t need an unhealthy meal and guess what? One meal isn’t going to save their fat asses (only going to hurt it)

    People need to put down the potato chips and get their huge fat asses off the couch and into shape. It’s an epidemic. People aren’t starving – but they ARE malnourished because they eat crap like KFC and then wonder why the cancer rates keep skyrocketing faster than Oprah’s weight!


  • aaron


  • Megan Gray

    This saddens me. She could have easily done something with Whole Foods or something instead KFC probably has more money and more corporate power. Plus, I guess she figured the people who would get this food wouldn’t eat it if it was green and good for you.

  • D.

    It is hard to expect more when dealing with racist people like Oprah.

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  • Inga Ambrosia

    Hmm .. whatever .. I would rather starve.

  • Anonymous

    Well, although this is highly hypocritical of the rotund talk show host, it doesn’t seem to hurt anyone but the chickens that will be eaten. Those that eat the chickens will get a free meal, some of whom may not have eaten in a while.

    There are worse things going on than Oprah handing out chicken. What is this, “The Brotherhood?”

    When you’ve solved some of the bigger problems in the world, like toxic dumping off the coast of Somalia, ethnic cleansing in Rwanda, war in the middle east, the rising fascist sentiment in Russia, the threat of Taliban stealing nukes from Pakistan, AIDS, global climate change, starvation, the economy, universal healthcare, addiction, hate crimes, and the impending zombie apocalypse, then you can start bitching out Oprah.

    Until then, it seems humanity has it’s hands full, so STFU and get to work.

  • Ashley


    Using language like that isn’t going to help overweight people change their habits, it’s going to demean them.

  • NZvego

    I enjoy how people try to claim food chains such as KFC use an ethical choice of chicken(or any meat for that matter)to use in their mass produced meals. So where are all these free range chickens? And what do they keep in those enormous sheds at chicken/egg factories? Surely there MUST be a valley of happy chickens somewhere…
    Also, I agree it’s great Oprah is feeding the hungry but for the price of one KFC meal I’m sure you could get more food for your money…

  • Alexia

    I think a salad would hardly sustain a hungry family of four. In these harsh economic times, a free dinner is rarely shunned. I am surprised at the negativity that is on this posting. I would be interested to see what any of you have contributed to any large group of people in a long time. How about this, instead of sitting here talking about nothing, print out the coupons and go pass them out to someone who is asking for spare change on the highway exit ramps or liquor store. It doesn’t matter if they need it or even use it, but it would be a much healthier choice of how to spend a part of your day.

  • http://google sandra

    I cannot print coupon. It won’t even show. Just the talk of it. What is the problem I am having/doing to not be able to pull up actual coupon?

  • Jamie Brown

    What a crazy decision. It seems like some PR guru at KFC has seen this as a genius way to get back some of their Oprah-cred. Either Oprah is being very cynical (assuming everyone will forget her previous campaign) or very silly. Hopefully its the latter and its an innocent oversight based on generosity. Either way, it won’t help the chickens!

  • Jeff

    The wonderful thing about living in The United State of America is that if you’re having a “fit” about this free offer, you have the liberty and freedom of NOT participating.

  • Ashley

    You people are silly. You can call Oprah fat all you want but she’s done more for the needy in a week than most of you done in your whole entire lives. You guys don’t give a fuck about how this could help a homeless man, oh no, you care about how Oprah’s fat and it’s KF fucking C.
    And salad? Yup, becuase that’s so freaking filling!
    Damn, I’m a vegetarian and I can’t believe people are nitpicking on the fact that Oprah is fat (She’s fucking 55, not 16. She can’t have a 23 inched sized waist) and how it’s KFC. Think about the needy. Don’t try to force some homeless man into being vegan friendly, seriously now. I’m going to print out coupons for the Salavation Army, ciao.

  • Margaret R. Janle

    I can not print the coupon. It won’t show.

  • bernie

    i can’t wait to eat a free chicken meal. I’ll take all of your coupons too. I’ll think of you as I sit on my couch watching Oprah with grease rings around my mouth. Mmmmmmm! Thanks, O!

  • Whoever…

    “a free two-piece Kentucky Grilled Chicken meal to every family in America.”

    To every family in America? Really? What, are you all starving over there?

    To quote a very wise saying: “If you see a starving man, don’t just give him a fish to eat; give him instead a fishing rod and teach him how to fish.” Well, not taking into account the fish part (which could be replaced with vegetables and with ‘teach him how to grow vegetables’), this means that giving them a meal it’s not going to solve absolutely nothing…

    How much money is this going to cost? Wouldn’t it be better if she focused on those who are really starving and help them find a way to solve their problems? And I’m not criticising Oprah, since from what I can see she has done a lot of good to many people, but I think this is a futile action!
    Unless… there are some hidden interests behind all of this no one knows about! uhhh

    Oh and Anonymous, we can tackle a lot of different issues at the same time. All those problems you mentioned are important and must be dealt with, but that doesn’t mean we can only solve each one at a time and separately. If we did that, then we would be completely screwed!!! Therefore everything is important, including this piece of news…

    “impending zombie apocalypse” – well, it’s because of the ‘zombified’ state most humans are in (which this KFC action is a good example of) that we have all the problems you mentioned, and many more!

    And we are only going to solve all of them if we solve the little things first!
    For instance, I’m not going to save all the animals or the entire environment – however by being a vegetarian (almost vegan) and an environmentalist, I am saving the lives of numerous animals and the welfare of the planet.
    Thus, I am not using more resources than I need to live well and that also means others will have more resources at their disposal. If everyone does their part, maybe all the ‘big’ problems will become less big and therefore easier to solve…


    Anyway, I’m just saying…

  • Moon Doggie

    Oprah is love.

  • Penny

    What a nice thing to do. There are many rich people in this world who could give two squats about anyone else. She has earned every penny she gets and does many good things for everyone she can. Who are we to be so demanding on her? I say THANK-YOU. Now of course a car would have been better….

  • VeggieTart

    What a disappointment. And, no, I don’t think a salad would be better, but veggie tacos and/or burritos at Chipotle would have been. Or find a company who can do free veggie stir-fry.

    It really is a shame she got suckered by KFC. I expected better from her.

  • Dr.Susan Rubin

    Oprah needs to build her Food IQ!
    Her free KFC meal is hazardous to your health!

  • Shep

    There are a lot of people that need a free meal. Its not much but one free meal will help..

    Thanks O

  • Jozelle

    man she needs to stay on top and rememeber as well as be mindful of her actions ……….. I was watching that yesterday too and I was thinking ‘these people must have payed her a decent amount of money(that she does not need) to promote their product”…….as someone who claims to love animals as much as she does its very sad to see she is against puppy mills but almost showing she is for the cruel torture of chickends and almost as if they deserve less compassion because they may not be so cute as her puppy………..

  • Chicken eater

    No problem Oprah, I appreciate a free meal. Obviously, some people do not and will find a reason to hate any and everyone…what sad lives you all have. Why don’t you go get a free meal today and smile!
    So, God, blessed this food that i am about to receive, so that it may go to the nourishment of my body…Amen.

  • The Queen Bee

    Oprah, more power to you and God bless you for helping to feed someone that wouldn’t have gotten to eat at all last nite. If more people were like this we could probably end world hunger(HMMMM)!!!

  • Erin Raw foods retreat


    I’m sorry I used the word fat in my post but (unless there are two different Ashley’s) then you use the F word bomb in your second post..

    Bottom line is telling our society they are curvy and overweight doesn’t seem to be working. And MY taxes are paying these fat assess medical bills who don’t have insurance. Sooooo, I’m going to call them fat, tell them to get their fat asses up and do something about it. Incidentally eating a nice big salad (not some piece of crap from KFC) WOULD actually be healthier than their dirty pus blood infected CHICKEN!

    Over and out


  • Jeremy Bear

    Thanks for writing this post. The world needs to know that this promotion is doing far more harm than good in the fight against animal cruelty. KFC is an entirely inhumane and unethical corporation, however they dress up their reasons for this giveaway.

    Eat up, America. But when you do, remember it’s torture and steroids you’re swallowing, not kindness.

  • katie

    if someone was hungry and needed a free meal they surely wouldnt have a comp and a printer set up in there residence. So shes helping American families, why not have it on a mailing list.

  • Mongo

    Anybody have any X-Tra B-B-Q Sauce? MMMMMM-MMMMMM-MMMMMM
    can’t wait top sink my teeth into dat backyard barn buzzard !!!!

  • Dan

    Why are you people gripping? You get a free meal…Not everyone can go out like you can buy some tenderly loved and nurtured chickens to cut up and eat. It’s oprahs money anyway…she can do what she wants with it…even if it is to feed the hungry that would LOVE to have some kfc…not you greedy people… wah we want subway though.

  • SG

    This sucks. She should have teamed up with Subway.

  • Pat the meat eater

    For Christs sake it is just a chicken!!!! Have you ever heard of Bird Brain! We are carnivorous animals and they are too stupid to prevent themselves from being dinner!

  • Inga Ambrosia

    I don’t really agree with calling people ‘fat’ or anything like that. But Oprah has a weight problem, granted. She says she loves animals, granted. She promoted the vegan diet last year and ballooned shortly after, granted.

    I think we need to take her off this pedestal that she is this queen, goddess, mother of all. She makes GIANT mistakes and this is one of them.

    Let her cronies eat that shit and whatever comes along with that. Anyone that follows her example is going to be in poor health. I feel for the chickens, I am a VEGAN and proud of it.

    But the world is going to go through a serious epidemic soon involving the meat industry. Let them eat meat and karma will settle their tab soon enough. Unfortunately, she will be in the front of the line because, I guarantee you – she eats more meat than the average 200lb man. The end.

  • Ashley

    There are 2 different Ashleys. I’m the second one, not the first one.
    But I’ll agree with the first Ashley that being mean to fat people is not cool. Some fat people are vegetarian and vegan and happen to be healthy, extra fat is not always bad. I think you are referring to obese, which yes, is bad.
    I’m sorry you have to pay bills for unhealthy obese people. But obese people also pay the bill for anorexics, and anorexics have to pay the bill for those who got infected with AIDS and so on. Sadly we can’t pick and chose who to help but remember they pay taxes too.

  • Erin Raw foods retreat


    I see your point and fortunately I am not fat, obese, anorexic or have aids (or any disease for that matter) I know there was a study done some time ago that showed that overweight people were less likely to have health insurance than fit thin people. I’ll try to find it. I respect that there are fellow veg friends (I have them too) who are overweight. But honestly I think it must be addressed. I cannot even get my large relatives (even 40 lbs overweight is NOT healthy- let’s not kid ourselves) to do anything about it.


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  • pleinelune

    Problem is this is getting KFC lots of free publicity while just one meal really isn’t going to help all that much. So apart from the so called food they’re offering it’s also quite offending that they’re using other people’s misery to promote their own business.

  • VeggieTart

    Pat, humans are omnivores, not carnivores, and while we can eat both plant and animal foods, our digestive tracts are more akin to those of herbivorous animals than carnivorous animals.

    And dear Gaia, the ingredients are frightening–how many ways can they pack sodium into the marinade? Even if I were omni, I’d think this was disgusting all the way around.

  • debby

    hahahah..i love you oprah thank you, thank u, thank you!!!..check out this hilarious comedian i found who thinks
    kFc had to change its name because it doesnt legally sell chicken anymore…funniest stuff ive seen in weeks!!

  • Alison

    Are you so naive to really believe that Oprah approached KFC? Really? You really don’t see how this is a HUGE publicity grab for them, not her? You think Oprah doesn’t remember that she’s being hypocritical and you don’t think that she’s getting many millions of dollars to endorse the campaign and “forget” her past criticisms of them? Wow.. I can’t believe people still don’t understand how the world works.

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  • Julie

    There are also studies to suggest that FIT THIN people happen to be RICH people and FAT or OBESE people tend to be poor. Did you check the price of vegetables and fruit in your local supermarket lately?

    Education is nice, empowerment is better. I agree about KFC, it is horrific but the people I think Oprah is trying to reach with this offer couldn’t care less about chickens, vegetables or whatever. The fact is there are many poor people in USA right NOW who are having a hard job putting enough food of any kind in their kids bellies.

    Clear enough for y’all??

  • Jordan McLaren

    My god, Oprah is meretricious!? Who would have known!?


  • leslie

    This disgusts me. Oprah will do anything for publicity! i can not stand her!! And it’s absolutely right that KFC is not healthy (not to mention inhumane to their chickens!)
    It’s true (what has been said so far)- “one KFC meal is not going to do anything.” May i also add that people who are lower on the SES scale typically can not eat healthy meals because it costs more- so why the heck wouldn’t she buy a healthy meal for the ‘people in trouble’ who would benefit from a free meal!?!?! Someone mentioned subway! That’s an excellent idea.

    In conclusion this is ridiculously hypocritical of her, but what else is new- she’s trying to look like mother fucking theresa, and getting her fat face in the public eye AS MUCH AS SHE POSSIBLY CAN! Isn’t it enough she has a show, a magazine, book clubs, etc. etc. She has to start doing ridiculous charity work by buying junk food for people?!
    Here’s a tip to Oprah: MAYBE you could start donating to a soup kitchen or homeless shelter……


    This is awesome… FREE FOOD :)

  • Michael Andre d’Estries

    @Jordan: You win for “Word of the Day”.

  • jamie lynn

    i’ve never been a fan of oprah. just the way she has managed to zombify a nation of women has frightened me away from her. i understand she does do a lot of philanthropic things for african children and such, but i rightly fear that her endorsement of KFC will lead her followers to believe that is a sound dietary decision, which, vegetarian or not, i think we can all agree is NOT the case.

  • Wildo

    See, this is a good idea, but why on earth would you use that much money to buy fast food? Imagine if they used that money to buy millions of bags of Ramen Noodles.

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  • Joey

    This is just sad. Of all the food chains Oprah could have worked with, she chose KFC? Sure a free meal is nice, but how about providing American families with a free bag of groceries from Whole Foods instead? Even working with Subway would have been a healthier choice. KFC is one of the worst fast food chains around. Free veggie burgers from Burger King would have been another option even. Ugh, she’s a hypocrite.

  • Brian


  • Robert

    Man, I just went through some of these comments and it’s really ridiculous what some have to say. Personally, my opinion of Oprah is not up to par, I do not like her. But, for goodness sakes, the lady is giving everyone, who takes, a free KFC dinner. How can you be so negative about that? And she should give away free salad instead??? Cmon people, for the people that really would appreciate this do you honestly think they are worried about their free food being a salad? Regardless of how much I dislike the woman, I give her great props for this and everything else she’s done for the needy. People with that kind of money don’t always believe in helping the less fortunate.

  • GW

    She is just another celeb w/the brain-power of a AAA battery. Eat chicken and look like fat fuck Oprah – LOL!

  • Shelly

    I’m so disappointed! Oprah has struggled for so long with her weight because of her (admitted) weakness to fatty foods – now she goes and promotes one of the unhealthiest fast food chains in existence (not to mention cruel)? This is really not cool…
    Steve – You must be new. Why don’t you take a look at who fronts the website you posted? Contributions from: Tyson Foods, Perdue Farms, National Steak and Poultry, just to name a few….

  • Mike Hunter

    MMM I love chicken. And if it’s cheaper to torture them before killing them; enabling KFC and oprah to give me free chicken meals then more power to them! The more brutal the torture the better!

  • NZvego

    It would seem humans are actually supposed to be herbivores…

  • mitchell

    a couple of things i’d like to share:

    i’m sure oprah isnt paying full price to kfc for these meals.
    i’m sure she picked kfc because they are EVERYWHERE and although not the most nutritious, they are not the least either. all you retards keep saying why doesnt she do it through whole foods or chipotle? are you serious? i’ve never even seen either. on the other hand i drive by probably 4 kfcs on the way to class.
    when is peta going to start caring about the ethical treatment of mosquitoes, horseflies, cockroaches, and spiders? last time i checked they were animals too… or do we only pick and choose the animals whose lives we should respect? but then, who has the right to decide what animals? oh yeah peta has been holier than god to some for the last three decades.
    america is the country people came to so they could escape being forced to do things they didnt want to do. i thought just about anything was ok as long as it didnt infringe on another person’s rights.
    get your own life and quit worrying so much about how other people live theirs

    the i think maybe i’m gonna print my coupons out and get fat with oprah now.

  • Ashley

    This is the first Ashley(hi, second Ashley!) Erin, I agree with you that being overweight is generally unhealthy, and that it needs to be addressed, but calling people fat asses is just so disrespectful. You have no idea why they might be fat, and insults are not a motivator, particularly not for emotional overeaters. I’m an overweight vegan, and if someone spoke to me the way you’re speaking about people, I would be devestated, and it would make my weight worse, not better.

  • John Pelley

    I bet the beef producers are angry. Maybe they will take Oprah to court again

  • jay

    oh i duno, maybe because she wants to feed people, and most people dont eat salads. sorry health nuts, i eat salad, but most people, sorry to say, dont.

  • Tubz

    Oprah sucks.

  • Ashley From Mass

    Hey first Ashley! I’m going to alter my name :D
    Oh man, I can relate. Not to long ago I was a mess with a personal issues and gained 5 pounds just from eating too much cereal. Some people on the otherhand have so much pressure so it’s an everyday battle.
    It’s something people couldn’t understand unless they go through it.

  • truecharlatan

    I didn’t bother to read the other comments; all I have to say is, an omnivore’s gotta eat

  • rockt

    some of you people need to get a life. Do you think your grandmother cared when she cut the head off a chicken and let it run around the yard? Sorry, the bottom line is, it fed your sorry ass family! As for the free chicken, it is grilled and seems very healthy! I haven’t tried it yet but heard it is very good. i would hate to be a vegitarian, how many times have people gotten sick because some animal pissed on there lettuce in the field?


  • Robin

    Oprah had done plenty of good, but this is ridiculous. First of all she isn’t buying the free chicken, she is simply endorsing it. She always insinuates she is paying for these “gifts”. She is a hypocrite. That aside, she should have read the ingredients in every KFC item, fried , grilled or otherwise. Huge amounts of chemicals, sodium and MSG. Even the grilled chicken has MSG. KFC promotes no MSG, when in fact it is innerly everything right down to the baked beans. MSG causes neurological disorders.
    KFC is horrible food and a part of the SAD (Standard America Diet) that is responsible for all of the very fat Americans

  • calico

    “it is grilled and seems very healthy! I haven’t tried it yet but heard it is very good.”

    It is a MSG and hydrongenated-fat meal. The focal point are pieces of typical KFC chicken. KFC is probably one of the most criticized for the poor quality meat, the factory farming, etc. A sick animal can’t give you healthy meat.

    Here is one good video I found that explains more about the “seasonings” KFC is using in this supposedly healthy meal:

  • Diana

    Oprah stood behind President Obama…enough said

  • erin Rawfoods Retreat

    Ashley and Ashley,

    First and foremost I’m glad you two were able to meet through these posts. Ashley 1 or 2 (from Mass) my apologies – I will not use the fat word in this thread again. I also struggled with weight at one time in my life but didn’t listen until someone said look, get off your &$@ ass (and really it was probably 15 lbs, but I think had I not gotten off my @#( ass that I might have slowly gotten bigger. Who knows. Granted the boot camp mentality doesn’t work for all. I sure wish I knew something that did to help the overweight people I work with. Glad to hear you’re vegan too. Very cool.

    E :)

  • Kiss

    In my opinion, though I completely disagree with KFC’s treatment of animals, a chicken meal will be slightly more filling to a needy family than a salad. Plus, the grilled chicken is pretty healthy in comparison to most fast food faire. Any idea how many calories are in some salads? Yeah… might want to check your facts first.

    If Oprah is giving a free meal to every family, why not accept it, rather than criticize?

    A lot of you who are complaining should try to see this from the perspective of a family who may actually SHARE this meal. Ingrates.

  • Sherri

    Whether or not you like Oprah, whether or not you’ll eat the damn chicken,…..whatever. At least she is someone who is able to give, and is doing so.
    So Oprah, even though i don’t watch your show (i prefer Ellen, she’s funny), and even though i really don’t care for chicken, and i won’t be taking advantage of the coupon, on behalf of all americans who will, I thank you:)

  • NZvego

    I don’t even know where to begin with rockts comment…
    First of all, we are not our grandmothers. You’re grandmother must of been slightly sadistic if she got her kicks from watching a helpless chicken run around with its head cut off. Second of all, this is not about the eating of chicken, it’s about how they are treated when they are alive. Last of all, anyone with half a brain washes their veges before eating them. You can not compare something like ‘pissing on veges’ with the amount of zoonotic disease humans obtain through the consumption of meat. Ever heard of BSE(mad cow disease)? Not to mention the complications of poor hygiene and storage of meat.


    I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit. I mean I get it. It’s “grilled” not “fried”. There’s a recession-a meal is a meal and Oprah wants to encourage people to eat healthier and blah, blah, blah. But couldn’t she have endorsed the veggie burger from Burger King?

  • NZvego

    Yum! Burgerking veggie burgers are so good. Do they advertise them in the US? Ours are just a salad burger with onion rings and it’s not even on the menu… Do you have an actual veggie burger?

  • Jeff Braun

    Vegan’s are sick people. Bring on the waterboarding for chickens.

  • Cherie

    NZvego in England BK do a spicy bean burger and it is delicious. Ask the manager of your local BK to to start stocking it. They may surprise you and say yes, ask them to trial it and if they see there is a demand for it, they may add it to the menu permanently. Keeping my fingers crossed for you

  • Macy

    I think that if you don’t want the chicken that Oprah is offering don’t get it. Passing out a coupon to the homeless is genius. I thank Oprah for what she did. If you would have researched the meal is not unhealthy it is a coupon for free baked chicken… 2 sides… both could have been coleslaw for health buffs. Oprah is not a b*tch… if she is to you she is… Ms. Rich A** B*tch.

  • Whoever…

    It’s extremely ‘dangerous’ to deify a person. Not everyone who seems to be a ‘saint’ is one! Nor every good deed is in fact a selfless act – sometimes these kinds of actions benefit much more those who do it than those they are targeting…
    KFC is going to profit so much more from this than you could ever possibly imagine! And not one single American family will be better off after this!

    Although I don’t know Oprah’s life, and therefore am not going to criticise her, I know that she had (and still has) problems with her weight. From what I gather she is a very strong and resilient person – consequently if she really wanted to address her overweight issue she would have already adopted a vegetarian/vegan diet.

    Veg*ans who have a varied diet aren’t, generally speaking, overweight. If that happens it’s either because their diet is not being well carried out or because they have health problems…

    Having addressed that, I just want to say that the problem here is that this publicity stunt isn’t going to solve the financial problem of any American whatsoever! If they really wanted to help needed families, they would select those who were in serious trouble and help them solve their problems.

    Instead they are giving free meals indiscriminately! How can that help anyone at all?

    Not everything that shines is gold people!!

    And as always, animals are the ones who are going to get screwed by this…

    Unfortunately (from what I read in many of the comments above) people are so zombified that they are easily manipulated and controlled – thus accepting everything they are presented without even questioning it!!!

  • Kelsey

    This is disgusting. KFC “food” will put people one step closer to needing a hospital visit and will cause the torture and deaths of thousands of chickens by one of the most unethical fast-food chains in existence. I expected more of Oprah.

  • Ashley From Mass

    NZvego, they have veggies burgers in the BK’s in America but they don’t advertise it on tv.
    People who are allergic to milk and eggs or are vegan should avoid it. But besides that it’s good and provided by Morning Star.
    I hear KFC in Canada has faux chick’n snackers. Lucky Canucks.

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  • silly

    Diana “Oprah stood behind President Obama…enough said”

    What are you upset that she is financially able to do this? Why does it matter what she does as long as she is not hurting anyone. Please grow up!! For everyone that ever killed an animal what makes you better???

  • Victoria

    WHy can’t everyone just stop trying to get all worked up about something she DIDN’T do? Obviously she could done something else of her genoristy specificaly for you? Wow. Be appreciative and thankful that she’s even giving food in a time like this. Wow, I can’t belive you guys could be such selfish, self centered pathetic little snobs. -.-

  • http://cs Cynthia

    You people are a trip.Who elses wilt all the money opry has is trying to give you anything? Either take the free chicken or go buy your own salad or vegiburger or what ever !!

  • Charles

    Oprah in the past boycotted chicken…
    Since this coupon at KFC is worthless, I say it is time for America to boycott Oprah and let her start paying her way.

  • Bill

    This is nothing more than her masonic ties to another masonic owed biz with a bait and switch tactic , I read that she was going into biz with them , not sure but I do know that offering something free and when you get there , saying oh we dont have it here buy this , any sale above 0 is income for KFC.
    I was there today , didnt know anything about this oprah chicken deal , they were giving rain checks for a chicken leg breast and wing , also some dumb ass manager said they would UPS it to you if you wanted it sooner .I lololololo , this world is finished LOLOLOLO

  • NZvego

    Lol @ victoria.
    Oh please please tell me how caring about the welfare of chickens makes us “selfish, self centered pathetic little snobs”.



  • Heidi

    Erin Raw foods retreat says on May 6th, 2009 at 12:31 am

    Oprah looks like an oversized fat Chicken. I have lost all respect for her. These people don’t need an unhealthy meal and guess what? One meal isn’t going to save their fat asses (only going to hurt it)

    A slim person can be a horrible person, a fat person can be a wonderful person. People who make insults that write off a person based on their size can be mistaken for shallow or childish people.

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  • David E. Brown

    It is a sad day for Oprah, she shows her real colors and will do anything to make a buck, it seems. Doesn’t she have enough money. The rest of us are unemployed and hungry. Only the rich are eating these days. Those who exploit, eat. Obviously she has a serious health problem, eating meat will only make her even more sick. When will she learn. I thought she was a teacher of Eckhart Tolle, a peta advocate and compassionate soul. Disappointing. I have lost all faith in her. It is a sad day for Peta and the environmental movement. Planet earth in peril. When we all come to our senses, eating from the burial grounds of the dead. Unsanitary, unconscious, mean spirited, two faced way of being. What happened to the human spirit?


    I can’t believe that Oprah gave away these free coupons. I submitted my own email on her site expressing my disappointment (as if she will read it.)

    If only someone would publicize her hypocrisy instead of reward her like she is doing everyone a damn favor by feeding them poisoned and brutally tortured chicken, but oh wait, we ARE in an economic crisis so ‘a free meal is a free meal.’

    All hail Oprah Winfrey, you hypocritical bitch. While KFC pumps out MORE AND MORE CHICKEN, supplying the demand to all of the broke ignorant assholes out there who eat meat from helpless animals who were tortured just to feed you a free meal, more and more chickens are being brutally tortured to pay the price, and more and more chickens are RAISED SOLELY FOR THE PURPOSE OF BEING KILLED.

    That’s right everyone. Live in your little bubble. “Ignorance is bliss.” It must be nice to be the kind of person who is not bothered by the fact that the majority of our human population is so arrogant that we don’t care how many living, breathing creatures we kill just for our own satisfaction.

    Give me a break. I am so tired of KFC being in business and getting away with their unethical practices. It makes me sick. Wake up people. There are other options. I have been a vegetarian for 9 years. STILL ALIVE.

  • NZvego

    I completely agree with you Jackie. It sickens and saddens me also. Some people have a complete lack of conscience. I am so thankful for all the vegetarians/vegans out there. You are truly amazing people and a lot of good karma is coming your way. As for the omnivores out there, I can’t even imagine the weight of hundreds of animals souls on your shoulders.

    (Vegetarian 13yrs, also still alive)

  • mar

    can someone explain to me why Oprah did this? was it to help the animals or to help the people who cannot afford food? Im a bit confusedQ

  • herwin

    i fail to see how in the world anybody can make a substantial contribution to the health of families by shoving and promoting to them some free tickets for the nearest fast food restaurant. and that from a person who had in the not so distnat past, a ten day vegan detox. seems nothing did stick after all at ms Oprah.

  • Whoever…

    Jackie you’re so right!

    Most humans are in such a ‘zombified’ state they don’t question anything any more!

    That’s why I really don’t have much hope in the future of mankind. The planet can’t take our ignorant and savage behaviour much longer.

    Hey, but who cares about that when there is a worldwide financial crisis (which by the way was artificially created to control people even more) and people are struggling to get by? That’s why when they are offered a free meal they don’t even question the motives behind it!
    As if ONE free meal handed out indiscriminately would solve any of their problems. And KFC, who doesn’t give a f*** about the poor, is going to make a huge profit with this and Oprah’s image will improve a bit more! (I hope this answers your question Mar…)

    As I’ve stated before, this is what you get when you deify someone. They get so powerful they think they are above any criticism!!

    (Vegetarian for 11 years and almost vegan now – I only eat honey and eggs from home-bred hens who are not hurt in any way; environmentalist; don’t wear leather, fur and don’t use products tested on animals; volunteer at my local animal shelter; still, I believe I’m not doing enough!!).


  • Claudia

    It amazes me as to how much people who have never given anything and never will give anything away always has so much to say. What ever the conflict of interest, my stomach is a lot happier. Shut up!!!

  • NZvego

    Says the girl TAKING something at the expense of an innocent animal. Good one.

  • Cherie

    I am very surprised Oprah chose to partner up with KFC. In her mind are you only deserving of a free meal if you eat meat? What about all Vegetarians/Vegans out there, does she consider them not worthy of a free meal. I would have thought her 30 day stint as a vegan would have made her more aware of people with different dietary requirements.

    I’m not from the US but here in England, KFC do not offer any veggie alternative. But even if they did I still wouldn’t spend my hard earned money supporting that company.

  • Sid Samant

    Read more about Rodger Eaton’s apology at–apologies-part-i

  • Ramona

    Here in Canada we have a vegetarian alternative at KFC. It’s called the Vegetarian Sandwich and it’s quite tasty. This all came about due to the involvment of PETA and the protests of many vegetarians. Also the Burger King here has what is called The BK Veggie burger…a very good soy burger which is on the menu. They do have another veggie burger which is lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and sauce. This is not on the menu but if you ask for it they will gladly serve it up. McDonald’s used to have vegetarian choices…but alas no longer do. I went in there last year thinking I could get a veggie burger or personal veggie pizza and they told me they no longer served them, but I could have a grilled cheese sandwich…thanks but no thanks McDonalds! Hope more people wake up to the horror the animals go through at the factory farms and slaughter houses and change over to a veg diet – thus saving the animals and also the environment. GO PETA!!!! =D

  • Sasah Canadian

    Oprah’s idea of feeding people is good and kind to people but the choice is bad. Rather than killing chickens, why not offer locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables — food grown in the United States or Canada?

    Ramona (my cousin) left a comment worth reading.


  • saladeater

    To those that shun salad as not filling – the price of a family meal at KFC would probably buy 3 or 4 cases of mangoes or a whole case of bananas. That would fill someone hungry up for several days rather than one meal. Why do people not consider fruit real food?

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  • s

    sad. really, really sad. i can tell you this though: if she ever tries to give ME KFC, i will punch her in her face.
    and to those who say salad isn’t filling, as IF. gosh. eat a bigger salad.
    and even if PETA’s KFC protest is based off of one plant, that doesn’t make it irrelevant. anybody whose business is sticking animal carcasses (meat) into vats of cooking oil and selling it to be savagely devoured by mindlessly comsumptive (is that a word?) masses needs a protest against them once in awhile.

  • s

    amen jackie!!!!!

  • s

    Jeff Braun, lets see who’s the sick person in 20 years. while you’re suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, obseity and cancer, all the vegans/vegetarians will be dong just fine, thank you.
    vegetarian for ony two years, but am never going back.

  • s

    Pat the Meat Eater: “They are too dumb to prevent themselves from being dinner.” pat, you just made the vegetarian’s point! because these animals cannot defend themselves, that’s why we fight for them! that’s why we think before we eat and try to get our friends and family to adopt a more compassionate lifestyle!!!!!
    go eat a veggie burger, pat.

    • Stephen

      Just for all these stupid comments, I am going to have chicken and steak today and stop by and get something at Burger King and KFC.

  • Daniel Z

    Go screw yourselves, Oprah buys people something and remember its “FREE”
    and you all bitch about it. Ohh she should have bought THIS for the country. I live in Canada and I think it’s a pretty good f’ing deal, but you little bitches whine about every goddam thing. Serious, vegetarians go eat your shit, and we’ll eat ours, just because Oprah bought some shit for me, doesn’t mean you have to eat that shit. Got it? Good.