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While I haven’t yet seen the clip, a reader sent in a tip saying that on ABC’s The View this morning, Barbara Walters indicated that she’s one step closer to going meatless.

“This morning on the View Barbara Walters brought up the topic of the Cow Molly that had escaped a slaughterhouse in NY yesterday. She said that was the reason she is more and more leaning towards vegetarianism. She also stated that she is scheduled to go to a White House dinner and she plans on bringing her own veggie burgers.”

Go Barbara! With regards to Molly the Cow, here’s a bit of backstory from the AP:

New York police said the all-black cow got out from Musa Hala, Inc. about 1 p.m. Wednesday, a slaughterhouse where animals are butchered according to religious restrictions. She wandered nearly a mile before she was corralled and captured by Emergency Services Unit officers. She was darted and delivered to the city’s Animal Care and Control, where she was nicknamed Molly.

Apparently, officials are trying to see if Molly can be transferred to a Farm Sanctuary — that is, unless someone comes forward to claim her and reinstate the death sentence. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a happy ending here.

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  • Ashley

    Typo alert! *aldso*
    YAY for Babs and let’s pray for Molly!

  • alex

    poor Molly, I’m hoping for the best

  • Elaine Vigneault

    Molly is really cute :)

    It’s great how whenever an animal frees himself or herself and runs away from slaughter some people have an a-ha moment and realize that all animals want freedom from pain, suffering, and death.

  • LiveVegan

    Great news. I saw this today and I really hope BW stays with her original motivation. Sadly the Whoopi Goldberg mocked BW for her decision, but when one looks at how unhealthy Whoopi Goldberg is and she also says she “hates vegetables”, her statements are no surprise. A vegan chef needs to contact “the View” and offer to cook for them all for a week.

  • erin Rawfoods Retreat

    Sounds a lot like the female cow Maxine who also escaped in New York

    Maybe they’re related. Also if those slaughter F&*Ckers try to come pick up the escaped cow I hope all hell breaks loose and they’re boycotted (at least) I know Maxine’s owners were smart enough to let her stay free. Warning video will make you CRY!!!!!


    :) E

  • erin Rawfoods Retreat

    ok that one cut off the ending! this one is SO much better. the end is the best part for this beautiful survivor :-)


  • Whoever…

    Who says animals don’t feel panic or fear?

    This is just one example among many others that show us animals do have feelings!!

    I hope her life will be spared :) … that is if those who captured her are good enough people to let her live.

    Oh and I hope Oprah and her new BFF KFC don’t go after this poor animal to feed some fat asses!!! Oh yeah right, Molly is not a chicken so she should be safe from them ;)

  • Ashley From Mass

    Cows make really good pets, I remember chilling with my stepdad’s cow, she would follow me like a puppy and she always licked the brown sugar off my hands. I think if everyone spent an hour with a cow they would go vegetarian/vegan.
    Sadly she died while giving birth. RIP.

  • Eileen

    Hopefully, Barbara will become a vegan as well, and let’s hope this isn’t another publicity stunt like Oprah, who went right back to her meat-eating ways after her half-hearted
    venture into veganism and is now, in fact, in cahoots with KFC for yet another publicity stunt. Some people don’t make the connection as to where their “food” comes from. What’s her excuse? She learned first hand of the horrors of factory farms and slaughterhouses in her quest for “spiritual” cleansing but in the end she turned her back on the pain and suffering of these poor creatures all for the sake of satisfying her taste buds. What a hypocrite. In fact, if she had stuck with a vegan diet, she probably wouldn’t be having such a weight problem. Obviously, there was a war between the lives of intelligent, sentient animals and Oprah’s stomach and the animals lost.

  • Bea Elliott

    I hope that people also connect the very young age Molly is… she’s but a calf – The NY Daily News says she weighs 350 pounds. So much for people thinking these animals are old and have “lived good lives”.

    Molly is absolutely gorgeous – I hope her special story stays with BW. Walters is an intelligent woman… I highly doubt she’s doing anything for publicity. I think she’s just thought things through long enough to come to the right conclusions. Good on her & hooray for Molly!

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  • Louche

    I agree that Barbara should consider veganism. But hey, you gotta start somewhere, and I started with vegetarianism, too. They’re different philosophies, but the sentiments behind them should lend a sense of solidarity.

    Oprah’s case is unfortunate, but there are many people like Oprah just as there are many people unlike her.

    I invite others to “try veg” at We love a good story, i.e. Molly the Cow… let’s realize its significance and remember that everyone has a story, not just this one cow. Peace!

  • Adolph Slessman

    I adore B. Walters. How would tv be without her! I pray that she is doing well!