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alleyt“I can’t tell you how much weight I gained being a vegetarian! A vegetarian would probably be eating vegetables. But to me being a vegetarian meant I’m going to eat enchiladas with no meat, and I’m going to eat lots of bread, lots of carbs.”

Kirstie Alley in a new interview with PEOPLE magazine talking about the 83lbs she gained from going VEG. As the Vegetarian Star said, “When are these Hollywood actresses going to learn nutrition?”

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  • Ashley

    She’s takes a lot of shit for her weight. Sounds like she’s happy and enjoying herself.

  • Get Technical

    I think the post was to illustrate how little people investigate vegetarianism before they dive into it, then gripe about how it’s not working for them-not an attack on Kirstie’s weight.

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  • pleinelune

    Lots of people make that mistake when they go veg (load up on sugar, carbs). I think what Kirstie is saying is that she didn’t really change her eating habits, she just stopped eating meat. Which means going veg really didn’t do anything for her or her health. She says: “A vegetarian would probably eating vegetables. But to me being a vegetarian meant…” , so she understands she went about it the wrong way.
    I think a lot more people would stick to a vegetarian/vegan diet if they only turned to a vegetarian/vegan society for help and guidance on their diet.

  • beforewisdom

    I wish people would learn the difference between refined fats & carbs ( junk food ) and healthy whole,high bulk foods as well as that the only thing that makes you fat is taking in more calories than you burn.

    About two years ago I lost about 48 lbs eating shit loads of “carbs” and lots of “fat” on a vegan diet. I didn’t cut any foods out. All I did was jot down what I ate for 5 min a day and control my portion sizes.

  • Michael Andre d’Estries

    @Ashley: I wasn’t criticizing Kirstie’s weight at all. Like you said, she’s seems to just love who she is. Plus, she looks beautiful regardless.

  • DJ Karma (VegSpinz)

    French fries, potato chips, onion rings, (some) donuts, cheese pizza, creamy alfredo, custards, and ice cream are all considered “vegetarian.” You can be extremely unhealthy and veg, which it sounds like Kirstie was referring to!

  • erin Rawfoods Retreat

    I’m not sure what the argument here is (not that there necessarily is one) I know she has struggled with her weight for years. I think we can all agree though that being vegetarian doesn’t A) mean you’re healthy or B)mean you’re going to be slender.

    I work my best to eat whole, organic vegetarian foods (lots of it raw aka fruits and vegetables nuts seeds) because I want to stay A) healthy and B)slender.

    Eating this way helps me with both of those.

    Some people eat veg just for ethical reasons and I respect that. Some eat for health. Some do both. I do it for both reasons. I do get concerned about some veg people I know who just do it for ethical reasons but think because they’re veg it’s a free ticket to eat anything veg and then voila next thing I know they’re gaining weight very quickly…

    Everything in moderation. And no it’s not easy. takes discipline but it’s healthier (and cheaper!) to eat smaller portions ;)


  • Whoever…

    It’s all about the diet one has.

    A person can be a vegetarian and be fat and unhealthy and a non-veg can be thin and healthy.

    However, if one has a varied and balanced veggie diet, surely will be healthier and more elegant. This if that person doesn’t have previous health problems related to overweight.

  • Cameron

    Most vegans I know are either way too fat or pencil thin.. the pencil thin ones have an ungodly high metabolism so I think they’d be thin no matter what they ate.. the so called normal people that are vegans eat huge amts of bakery items, so, of course, they gain and gain and continue to gain.

    Kirstie Alley love her pot so naturally she’d have the munchies all the time and will always gain back any weight she loses~ She has a smirk now on every pic that isn’t very appealing. She calls herself a ‘super celebrity’ and that’s just funny.