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mollycowA fugitive cow that escaped a New York City slaughterhouse and dodged police and cars for a good hour throughout Queens is now living the good life. Nicknamed Molly, the escape-artist somehow managed to hoof her way out of death’s jaws and into a farm sanctuary on Long Island. As we wrote yesterday, Molly’s story has also inspired host Barbara Walters to inch ever-closer to a vegetarian diet. From the article,

Molly the cow, once destined for a Queens slaughterhouse, is living the good life on a farm in bucolic Suffolk County. “She bolted out of the trailer when they got here,” said Rex Farr, who runs The Farrm, a 60-acre organic farm in Calverton, with his wife, Connie. “She’s gone from being seconds away from becoming hamburger to living on an organic farm,” Farr said. The only thing he will use from the cow is something she presumably will no longer need. “I’ll use her fertilizer,” he said.

We’re happy for Molly — but I wonder how many more cows might be save if people really thought about where their food comes from. Folks probably would have gone apeshit if Molly had been sent back to the slaughterhouse, but how about all the other “unnamed” cows that didn’t manage to escape. What care do we have for them?

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  • tina

    I heard this story on Howard. Amazing. Cow’s are smart. And to think that horses are still slaughtered?!! Horses!

  • Ashley From Mass

    Hooray for Molly.
    But…that’s a creepy ass photoshop.

  • erin RawfoodsRetreat

    Yes there might be a better one here (video too :) That one is quite disturbing I agree! :(


  • Whoever…

    Great news…

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all these animals rebelled against the humans who want to harm them!?
    Hens, pigs, cows, turkeys, animals in circuses, animals being tested on, etc. …all of them attacking their abusers?

    I sure would love to watch that happen! :)

    That would be amazing…all those coward people running for their lives!!

    Oh… one can at least dream :(

  • Ashley

    Cows are such gentle creatures, I can’t picture them attacking a human even if the human is a mean bad guy. Perhaps they are more of a peaceful protest type? But I would love to see every cow and other animal escape like Molly did.

  • greta

    Cows are NOT peaceful creatures, they will kick, bite and attempt to crush you while you are trying to administer care. Go work in a dairy for a week and see just how gentle they are.

  • Michael Parrish DuDell

    Greta- Perhaps that’s because you’re keeping them in a dairy. I’d kick someone’s ass too if they are were trying to milk me.

  • Get Technical

    Not to mention if you are administering care, it sounds as if they’re sick-probably due to the conditions they’re kept it.

    Sick and injured animals are always bitchy.

  • greta

    You have no idea what you are talking about. All dairy farms are not the same and all animals require a veterinarians care. If you were so intelligent you would have thought of that.