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Pamela Anderson and PETA President Ingrid E. NewkirkNothing says “we thought you were swell,” like a 37-acre nature preserve! 

The folks of Westport, CT will honor Paul Newman’s life by creating such a preserve on the lot adjacent to his former home. Joanne Woodward, Newman’s widow, posed the idea in a letter to the local council. She said: 

“The Poses land is a truly beautiful piece of land that Paul, our children, and I have had the privilege of enjoying for many, many years. Preserving the Poses property in its natural state is something I very much believe Paul would have loved to see happen. Paul always expressed regret that he was not able to accomplish this himself, so I think if there were to be anything at all done by the town to honor Paul’s memory this would be a very generous and appropriate tribute to him. He would, I believe, be particularly pleased that such a gesture would benefit all of Westport’s residents.”

The new Newman/Poses Preserve will include walking paths, benches, and a ban on development and building. There would also be a limitation of 0.25 parking spaces per acre. 

Sounds like something the late actor would have totally loved! Good work, Connecticut!


  • Ashley

    I love his organic coffee and the deeds he has done makes me get all warm inside.

  • jamie lynn

    paul newman was/is my hero, and this is a fantastic way to perpetuate the things he loved and worked for. a big YAY!

  • RemyC

    Is Joanne Woodward planning to donate the land, or asking the town to purchase it, or keep in trust? It’s a lot of property to just give up in such an economy… you’re talking prime real estate worth over 70 million of dollars, on which she currently has to pay taxes. This post is short on details.