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Gordon Ramsay has done about 43 things that make me want to punch him square in the jaw! So why is it that I suddenly feel a tremendous urge to give him a hug?

I’ll tell you why! Ramsay has agreed to go on a vegetarian tour of India for Gordon’s Great Escape – a reality show on the UK’s Channel 4.

According to

“Since coming to prominence in the TV guides, the chef has never shied away from criticising vegetarianism, with non meat-eaters having borne the brunt of his sharp tongue on more than one occasion.”

“As such, it’s hardly a surprise that producers have decided it would be a good idea to see how the committed carnivore gets on when deprived of his regular meaty fixes, with the forthcoming show ‘Gordon’s Great Escape’ set to follow Ramsay as he embarks on a vegetarian exploration of India.”

We’re talking about a guy who rips out the heart of puffins with his own bare hands, insists his daughters only date meat-eating men, and thinks that organic food is stupid. Why I oughta…

How do you think Gordon will do? Will he succeed at temporary vegetarianism or will he freak out and end up eating one of the camera men? Chime in and share your thoughts!


  • VeggieTart

    I’ll reserve judgment until after he’s done his adventure. If he’s doing this so he has another excuse to bash veg*anism, we may have another reason to want to bitchslap him.

  • Pete

    i’m skeptic. at the end of it i think he’ll just mock vegetarians even more. that episode of Kitchen Nightmare’s when he was in Paris fixing up a vegetarian restaurant, he wasn’t too happy there. so we’ll see.

  • erin RawfoodsRetreat

    he’s only doing it for the ratings. I don’t trust the scum at all.


  • Missy (from Groovy Vegetarian)

    I’m sorry but that man is a PIG. And i meant that in the nicest way.

    I don’t trust him as far as i can throw him. And i really dislike (a/k/a hate) his scream fest of a show he calls Hells Kitchen.

    I vote no on this one.

  • herwin

    I saw the episode about the Veggie restaurant in paris and i have to say it was totally embarrasing that unprofesional attitude of the veggie owner.
    Gordon being such a profesioanl and serious person concerning cooking, it will be a great new cooking program. Does anybody really think he will start a cooking program just to trash it, just because its “vegetarian”? i dont think so.
    Are there really veggies that take it as an insult when Gordon says that his daughter cant date a veggie ? :-P
    Anyway, it will be great that Gordon makes the program.

  • jamie lynn

    he IS a stupidjerkface, but i am glad he’s willing to at least give the lifestyle a TRY. although VeggieTart may be right about his motives in this…


    what you don’t know is that he packed a bunch of beef jerkey in his backpack. This is all a publicity stunt. Do the opposite get ratings. Blah blah weak!

    I hope he meets a yogi and gets a spiritual awakening. Go veg!

  • VeganInVegas

    He’ll never change. He’s doing it just to get more ammunition for veg bashing.

  • Ramsaysasecretvegan

    Actually his approach is pretty simple: he’s on the hunt for chefs who know their sh-t and who deliver it up with quality and speed. – That proves dramatically offensive to those who spirit and dedication.

  • DJ Karma (VegSpinz)

    He likes to bash vegetarians, but I like him. He may not yet understand the lifestyle and reasoning behind it, but he’s usually fair and real on his shows. Did you see the show where he actually witnesses one of his pigs being slaughtered and almost throws up? It’s gettin’ to him!