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oliverABC has announced that it will air a new series under the banner of Ryan Seacrest Productions featuring UK Chef Jamie Oliver giving healthy makeovers to places around the U.S.

The project came about after Seacrest talked about the poor quality of school lunches on his radio program in Los Angeles and received a huge response. Oliver, who has been working hard to improve kids’ lunches in the UK, had been looking to bring his campaign stateside. The stars aligned, the two met, and a new series was born.

“I couldn’t do what I do in terms of my schedule if I didn’t eat right and exercise right,” Seacrest said. “As a kid I was chubby, and I’m a firm believer that the fuel we put into our body results in a healthy lifestyle. Jamie’s going to come over here, roll up his sleeves and use the resources of each town to help condition living habits to make it a better and healthier place.”

According to Reuters, ABC has ordered six hours of the project from Ryan Seacrest Productions. While the first city has yet to be announced, it’s expected that it will be a location often featured on “fattest cities” lists. Should be interesting to see how successful Oliver is in reducing wastelines. No pun intended, but the guy’s got a huge challenge ahead of him.

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  • Dr.Susan Rubin

    In addition to the “fattest cities” how about checking out the sick towns and cities too? Overweight folks are just the tip of the iceberg: a symptom of our chemicalized, highly processed “convenient” foods.

  • VeganInVegas

    Oh please please please please please have Clark County School District (Las Vegas) included. I have NEVER seen so many obese children in my life.

  • andrew gartner

    I am working on a museum with the american heart association which teaches children in the 2nd and 5th grade on how to live a healthy lifestyle through exercise, selecting the right foods, and how to prepare them.

    Jamie’s new show would be a great way to teach kids in this museum setting and was wondering how I might connect with the production company to discuss this.

    andrew gartner

  • http://facebook christine

    I watched 2 back to back episodes last night, and was in total shock at what I saw. The most amazing thing to me was that the children did not have proper eating utensils! NO FORKS,,,NO KNIVES!!! I will NEVER allow my children to have a chicken nugget again. I am a single mother of a 16 year old and soon to be 13 year old… I consider us to be a pretty healthy family. My children are active in sports year round, they know their veggies and fruit, THANK GOD, but after your show, those lazy days we have had, I cannot allow. We live in Southern Maine, on the coast, where we are lucky to have fresh vegetables and local farmers markets, and even though prices are high, I will make the most of time, money and resources available. Your show definately made an impact on me. Thank you. Believe me, I will share what I saw with everyone I know.
    Best wishes to you, and Good Luck!