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jessica1Jessica Simpson is planning to perform at SeaWorld and PETA (and Ecorazzi) think that’s waaaaaaay not cool!

Plain and simple: SeaWorld is equivalent to marine life jail.

In the letter to Jessica, PETA says:

“As someone who is used to living in a fishbowl and having the public weigh in on her every move, you might like to give some thought to the animals who are forced to be “on display” their entire lives.”

“SeaWorld, which owns most of the captive orcas and dolphins in the U.S., has one of the worst animal-care records in the country. Countless animals have lived and died in misery in these marine theme parks.”

Will Jessica cancel the performance or will we have to buy her a “Real Girls Kill Dolphins” t-shirt? Only time will tell!

Check out the entire letter here!

  • Ashley

    Aw, come on guys, I dislike her as much as the next guy but calling her a dolphin killer? I don’t think she’s that evil.

  • Michael Parrish DuDell

    Ash- We joke, we joke. But seriously…SeaWorld? It’s like the worst!

  • VeggieTart

    For a second, I thought that shirt was real! Whoa!

  • GreenerGirl

    The real T-shirt said “real girls eat meat”, apparently a dig at Carrie Underwood. Classy!

  • erin RawfoodsRetreat

    I think she is one of the least classy women ever. I think she even has Britney Spears beat. I don’t understand how this horse mouth is even famous. Nothing about her is real. Not her shirt or what’s under it. Yuck.



    no comment! her shirt says it all cruel and thoughtless…

  • RemyC

    They run these girls on a threadmill for months on end, video, touring, looking like steel… to cash in. Then their body just wants to quit… so they turn to flab… it’s because none of it is genuinely self-motivated, they’re the product of handlers and trainers and nutrition experts, all hired to maximize agent and management profit, who once they are gone, these girls just revert back to their normal mode of behavior, they haven’t learned or changed a thing… a little like that TV series Dollhouse. She’s no different from the dolphin held captive… except she can’t jump out of the water and catch fish for cheering crowds… she just hits high notes.