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silverstoneWhile Alicia Silverstone is a rock-steady vegetarian today — it wasn’t alway that way growing up. “I didn’t grow up on vegetarian food,” she explains. “I ate the same things that everyone else did. There were times when I would get selfish and eat meat – at eight years old it’s hard to stick to your guns – and so through the years I was always starting and stopping trying to be a vegetarian.”

According to Starpulse, it was a stint saving dogs from experimentation that finally turned the actress against meat for good.

She explains, “I started thinking, ‘Why am I saving one animal and still eating steak? How can I love these creatures so much… and keep eating meat?’ Ultimately I thought that if I wasn’t ready to eat a dog, I shouldn’t be eating meat at all.”

Want some more Alicia? Check out our exclusive interview with her from last month’s Heart of Green Awards.

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  • Ashley From Mass

    I can reate. When I was younger I was on and off but when I got a job I couldn’t make any excuses. I had the money to buy what I needed.

  • Whoever…

    In my case it was something I watched on TV that made me become a vegetarian for good (now I’m almost vegan – I only eat honey occasionally and eggs from home-bred hens)… It was a documentary where it was shown that for each pound (it was in kilos but it’s the ‘same’ thing) of shrimp fished 100 pounds of several species of fish were thrown overboard already dead! That shocked the hell out of me because I loved to eat shrimp.

    I loved animals and the environment but at that point in time I started thinking: well if I truly love animals how can I contribute to their suffering? At that moment I had 2 choices – I could either become a vegetarian or continue to eat animals and stop being a hypocrite pretending to love them… I chose the first.
    I never regretted it and if it’s up to me I’ll never eat another animal as long as I live!

  • Whoever…

    Oh and this ‘girl’ rocks!!!


  • jamie lynn

    oh! “Whoever”, that was part of the “Blue Planet: Seas Of Life” series–it was a special feature they did on how commercial fishing practices are destroying the oceans.