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Let me give you a lesson on the word “mills.” Heather Mills…awesome! Puppy Mills…suckage! Got it? Good! 

Dog Whisperer  star Cesar Millan recently used his show to uncover one of the most scandalous industry in America: Puppy Mills. Millan exposed the brutal, inhumane conditions of these atrocious pet factories with the help of Last Chance for Animals founder Chris DeRose. 

Last Chance for Animals is a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating animal exploitation through education, investigations and legislation. In short: true superheroes for animals!

About the investigation, Millan said: 

“It takes of a lot of concentration not to judge [puppy mill owners] when you know they’re doing something wrong.  But in order for me to help and influence them, I have to see what they’re doing. I saw a dog that was blind.  I saw many dogs in one kennel.  I felt a lot of frustration; I felt a lot of confusion … definitely aggression … a lot of anxiety.” 

To learn more about how Last Chance for Animals is working their tails (get it? tails?) off to help expose this super cruel industry, visit!

  • erin

    Thanks for posting this Michael Parrish! :)

    If any of you get a chance to watch the show (Nat Geo replays it somewhat often) please do! It just aired last Friday!

    Chris was my next door neighbor for many years (vegan for over 29 years!) and has been working hard for LCA for over 25 years… They truly make a difference.

    E :)

  • The Breeders Advocate

    Cesar, while looking and sounding very uncomfortable, tried very hard to be a good guest. He stayed focused on what he does and did not make outrageous charges against the breeders.

    The facilities appeared to be clean the dogs were well cared for and they (Thew Owners) allowed these intruders on their private property. And they stupidly gave these people a few dogs for their efforts.

    The Last Chance for Actors, were a little silly crying on que… It’s easy to see why they can’t find work.

    And sneaking across the desert was a classic… Really felt cheesy all in all.

    These people have no legal authority to be trespassing on private property and they have no business trying to interfere with any one’s business either.

    Poor Cesar lost a lot of credibility even being see with these clowns.

    Now, the real issue is not legal kennels, the real problems and these problems need to be addressed are the kennels who are failing in business and the dogs need help.. after all it is about the animals.

    Just think, about it, successful kennels don’t make it on TV or in the newspaper, failures do and these are the ones that actually need help.

    If you are a kennel owner who has fallen on hard times, you are afraid to ask for help, because if you do the AR people will swarm, not to help but to steal your property, when all the kennel may need a cash infusion and help in placing and caring for a few sick or injured animals.

    When the Kennels get into trouble they are afraid to loose everything and dodge the bullet from going to jail.

    In comparison, a restaurant that fails does not have to worry about the Restaurant Association showing up and stealing his equipment and after the equipment is gone the Police do not show up and try to put him in jail for serving bad food… See how silly this has become?

    I really believe the AR people and the kennels can work together, and collectively come up with a way to help animals in need, before the kennel hits bottom.. Don’t you?

  • jamie lynn

    “heather mills…awesome”? i wouldn’t go THAT far…

  • Michael Parrish DuDell

    Come on Jamie Lynn — you have to know by now that I’m a big Heather Mills fan! :)

  • bigfanx


    Well… you have some harsh words for those folks that are trying to educate the public about mills and the despicable conditions where puppies are born.

    Last Chance for Animals is a very good organization that helps many animals in need. Please refrain from making snide remarks about them.

    In the matter of the state pulling ‘the goods’ from a failing business… I can only say that it’s the right thing to do. When a breeder keeps dozens of animals in very poor conditions, is not licensed by the state, it’s these people the states will try to close. Inhumane and unsanitary conditions are no good for any animal. If they’re selling dogs and trying to make money (no license), then state laws are being violated and the state has the authority to shut them down. The shelters wind up with the ‘goods’ to nurse back to health, offer vet care and try to adopt out to good homes.

    Your comparison to a restaurant going “under” is a poor comparison. Restaurant equipment is not a living breathing being, nor does it need humane conditions to thrive. The local health departments govern restaurants sanitary conditions and grades each accordingly. When too many violations occur, the license is suspended, and the owner just may close up.

    Millers have no intention of closing up… they want to make money without much effort OR investment. When they are “caught” for violations, that’s when the media publishes the information as well they should. The business was never a stellar one… and never would be. Thre’s no need to offer assistance… and especially a cash infusion.

    It’s best that the place be shut down.

  • erin

    Dear Blatant Puppy Mill supporter,

    A rose is a rose by any other name or however that goes. You can call them Kennels. You can call them Doggie hotels but bottom line is they’re out in tiny cages in the middle of the dessert with no heat or AC.

    Legal Kennels? Yes right now puppy mills are still legal, but that is all changing. Because of people like LCA, Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer, Oprah, Ellen and many others who are working to shut them down forever.

    I’m sorry it will affect your business because trust me, people not in the business don’t write emails calling themselves advocates for kennels (aka puppy mills)

    I will continue to give money to LCA and the Humane Society so that people like you are put out of business forever.

    You only care about making a dime. Might all puppy mill owners go to hell when they die for the pain they caused on these animals.

    If you call those dogs well cared for living in cages – never getting out of cages- then you really need help.


  • anon