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Heather Mills is picking up the pace on development of her new vegan eatery in the UK — and apparently, the little seaside cafe will be called V-Bites. (Ahh, the haters should have fun with that one.)

According to Mills, however, the restaurant will be more than just “really funky, with nice music and ambience and good staff.” It will also be something of an education center. From the article,

Ms Mills said that each room would have a different feel to it, with one turned into a family creche area where children can play with interactive screens which will teach them about different fruits and vegetables and a dining area which will serve a daily selection of vegan dishes from around the world. The menu will be affordable and visitors to the nearby park will also be able to buy vegan burgers from a serving hatch. She said: “I think the food is really going to surprise everyone. Most people’s diet is 70% vegan anyway, as they eat rice, pasta and bread, but they just don’t associate the two. What is going to shock people most is the meat replacements. I have been working on them for seven years and they have a real meat taste.”

According to the article, Heather is also looking to franchise the business worldwide — something we definitely wouldn’t mind seeing next to all the Burger Kings and McDonalds out there. She said: “We are not going to change the world with just one restaurant. What many people don’t realise is that the biggest contribution to global warming is the production of meat and dairy. I am not telling people to stop eating meat and dairy altogether. I’m just saying come and try it one day a week, have a nice meal and do your bit for the environment.”

Good luck, Heather!

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  • Ashley From Mass

    Can’t wait til it goes worldwide. I love Heather regardless of the player hating, lol.
    Good luck Heather <3

  • herwin

    good luck from me too !

  • George Glass

    Hopefully this will silence the haters out there. At least she is putting her money where her mouth is. It would have been the easiest thing in the world to do, to abandon veganism after the divorce – but she’s stuck to her guns. Go Heather!

  • VeggieTart

    Good luck. And I hope to see one in Washington, DC, soon. I would eat there–and if the food is good, I’ll eat there regularly.

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  • s

    go heather! i totally hope this goes nationwide, because then i’d actually be able to eat on road trips! i mean, a person can only eat so many side salads :)

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  • Ceeare

    New York is the place! Start in the Village and near Central Park…everywhere in NY would be good.;-)
    Great name…Go Heather!

  • Barbara

    Re: “…most people’s diet is 70% vegan anyway, as they eat rice, pasta, and bread…” – If Ms. Mills is planning to open a vegan restaurant, I hope she knows that not all pastas and breads are vegan.

  • VeggieTart

    Ceeare–NYC has plenty of vegan places! DC needs more all-veg restaurants.

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