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Jimmy Kimmel is a funny dude! But he’s not all jokes.

Recently, Kimmel was quoted in the New York Times saying:

“The government does not want us to call it the swine flu. They’re calling it the 2009 H1N1 virus. The reason for the change is they want people to know you can still eat all the pork you want without any risk to your health, except diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.”

Now Kimmel isn’t a vegetarian yet, but we think he just might be on his way. Check out some of these classic Kimmel clips. We think it’s time for Kimmel to take that good old fashion VEG Pledge!

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  • RemyC

    This is actor abuse. PeTA hires these grossly overweight individuals, who I suspect are all paid up dues members of the Screen Actors Guild, made them act out these self-deprecatory things.

    PeTA should consider renaming itself
    People’s Ethical Treatment of Actors. This mock commercial misses the point, as it employs those who evidently are the ones PeTA are meant to illuminate.

    It’s like if a suicide hotline hired a buddhist monk to set himself on fire for the camera to promote their 800 number.

  • RemyC

    ah… this isn’t a PeTA ad, it’s a “goof” on a PeTA ad produced by Jimmy Kimmel… I’m tired, just came back from the dentist, a mouth full of novocaine. Scuze me and never mind. sigh…

  • RemyC

    but it goes to show how used we are to PeTA stretching the limits of good taste… I never even gave it a second thought. Egg on my face.

  • RemyC

    That’s when you wish there was a delete function on this blog… ok, that’s all. promise.

  • Matt

    just goes to show you how quick people are to bash PETA without even giving it a second thought. If it’s Jimmy Kimmel – it’s funny. If it’s PETA it’s bad taste. Hmmm…