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stella_mccartney“Our shoes are 70 percent more expensive to make because we don’t use conventional methods. When you’re not working with leather, you really have to think outside the box.”

- Stella McCartney on having to think outside the box to create cruelty-free fashion. Who are some of your favorite leather-free designers? Chime in and share your thoughts! 


  • herwin

    i dont understand why fake leather should be expensive or should involve “thinking outside the box”. When i check the labels or the material of the most cheap lady shoes ( not for myself because i am guy , ehehe
    ;-) ) many shoes that look like leather are actually fake leather.

  • erin

    i was just going to write the same thing herwin… for years now i’ve known i could get my “vegan” shoes at target (pronounced tarjaayy ;) they are 100% man made and cost 10 bucks. Trust me I love her stuff (have a pair of shoes) and her dad is my hero but I beg to differ. Man made shoes have almost always been less than leather. Honestly that comment comes out of left field for me too!


  • Donna

    I imagine that part of the expense is researching new materials to ensure that they are not just animal-free but are also eco-friendly and durable. There’s many reasons why those Target shoes are so cheap (do you really think that everyone involved in the production of them is fairly paid at $10 a pair?). There are many options out there for high quality AND fairly produced shoes that are not nearly as high in price as Stella McCartney’s – just look at olsenHaus, Cri de Coeur, NOVACAS and Neuaura for starters.