Today is May 13th. Which means that at 12:48pm, I will officially cross over to 31 years of age. It used to be a fairly low-key day with birthday cheer spread evenly between us normal folks — and other May 13th celebrity bdays like Dennis Rodman, George Lucas, and Peter Gabriel. And then Stephen Colbert became famous — catapulting onto the scene, declaring his May 13th birthday to the world — and stealing every ounce of joy for himself. Bastard.

This year, however, Colbert has decided to use his birthday for good by signing up with and — in lieu of present — asking people to donate to help schools instead. He writes, “Nation, May 13th is an important day. My birthday. Please help me celebrate by donating to one of the needy classroom projects below. DonorsChoose makes me feel like every day is my birthday. That, and my 364 counterfeit driver’s licenses. You can donate your birthday too. And the great thing is, if you give your birthday away, you don’t age that year. Look it up.”

Check out the video Colbert made below — or hit the jump here to donate. Also, one more thing — we lost a celebrity May 13th birthday club member recently and I wanted to send a shout out. Bea Arthur, we’ll miss you.

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  • Michael Parrish DuDell

    Happy Birthday. And also: you’re 5 years older than me! NA NA NA BOO BOO!!!

  • Becca

    loved this blog to cute… i’m a May 13th baby as well!! lol about Stephen Colbert!! :) We are deffinately a special breed us May 13th babies :)

  • Whoever…

    Happy birthday Michael!!

    :) :) :)

    Don’t make fun ‘other’ Michael… you’ll get there as well and then someone else will throw in your face they’re younger than you :)

  • josh

    George Lucas was born on May 14th (my birthday) and Peter Gabriel was born on February 14th… not to take anything away from Colbert and his call for donations.

  • Lisa

    I’m a May 13th baby too! :) Happy Birthday!

  • Michael Andre d’Estries

    Josh, as you know, you’re right. My celebrity birthday sources aren’t as legit as I thought. In fact, I found another site that said Lucas was born on the 13th as well. Not sure where in the hell Peter Gabriel came from.

  • Jozelle

    Well tomorrow the 15th is my birthday and Im turning 19 !!!! GO VEGANS YEAH!!!!

  • peachcat526

    Today(the 26th)is my birthday. When I was born, my b-day fell on memorial day, so I usually got the day off. This year, however,I have to go to work. But get this, for like the last four days(including today) I’ve been sick. No work! Kind of bittersweet, but still, no work. BTW, Happy Birthday Stephen Colbert!