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In a new television PSA for PETA, Wilmer Valderrama takes aim at circuses for their harsh treatment of elephants, bears, tigers and other creatures. “As an actor, it’s my job to entertain people. Nobody forces me to perform. But sadly, animals in circuses aren’t so lucky,” says Valderrama in the video. The ad, available in English and Spanish, will air in El Paso from May 13 to 19, just in time for the Ringling Bros.and Barnum & Bailey Circus’ stop in the city. Check it out below:

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  • erin

    beautiful!!! needs to be said way more often!


  • Elizah Leigh

    For people who are interested in learning about the positive side of what can happen to circus animals, I found out about a sanctuary based in Colorado that is committed to rescuing what are referred to as “surplus populations” as well as exotics that exist in deplorable conditions across the country. Please take a look at this article and it will restore your faith in the notion that with the right heart and determination, every single one of us can make a real difference in this world. Here’s the article:

  • herwin

    i clicked but link didnt work very well..

  • Whoever…

    ‘Cirque Du Soleil’ – the biggest and greatest circus on the planet and it doesn’t have animals!

    So why don’t all the other circuses worldwide follow their example?

    Well it’s people’s fault that they don’t, because if everyone stopped going to circuses with animals then they wouldn’t have them would they!?

  • jamie lynn

    well said, “Whoever”.
    i do think ignorance is a part of this though. my mum took us to the circus when we were young; i don’t think anyone back then had any idea what they were supporting. if more people are educated on what is happening, they can hopefully choose not to support it.

  • VeggieTart

    I fully agree, Whoever. I wish the Cirque du Soleiil came every year. Ringling comes to my area every year–snarl–but with fewer and fewer performances at the Verizon Center.

    And an excellent PSA.

  • s

    help! the circus is coming to town where i live! what do i do (besides not go)??? any ideas?

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  • hil

    s- you could always set out to inform people about the animal cruelty…the right to protest is a wonderful thing when used correctly :)

  • Whoever…


    Well you could start by showing or sending your friends and family videos and information about the way many animals are treated in circuses. You can find that on sites of organizations like PETA, HSUS, etc.

    You could also find Earthlings on You Tube and send the link to everyone you know – this documentary focuses on the main issues regarding animal abuses and it also includes circuses. It’s not pretty to watch but anyone who watches it (if they are sensitive and intelligent people) will surely have to change something in their lifestyle, otherwise they are nothing but 100% Zombies!

    If you want to be even more active you could gather a group of people, print some photos of animal abuses on circuses with information about this problem and hand it out to people at the entrance of the circus (but be careful because you probably need to ask legal permission to do it and watch out for people who work in the circus – they won’t be too happy). Another thing you could do is to ask people to sign a petition demanding the prohibition of circuses with animals in your town…

    You know being an activist isn’t a very easy thing to be and it requires a lot of passion to go through with actions like those I mentioned. But it does make you feel you are actually making a difference in the world…

    I wish you all the luck! :)

  • s

    thanks guys!! :)

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