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NHL star Georges Laraque of the Montreal Canadiens is proving once again that green protein is all you need. 

Standing six-foot three and weighing 260 lbs, Laraque is one of Canada’s most famous hockey players. Oh yeah…and he’s also a HUGE animal lover and proud vegetarian!!

Georges recently took to his official site to discuss his first fur protest: Laraque writes: 

“On May 3, 2009, I was present at an anti-fur conference protest in downtown Montreal. I want to personally thank everyone who gave me the chance to be part of this event and I will make it my mission for the rest of my life to do everything I can to protect animals. I’m also proud to announce that I have officially become a vegetarian and will slowly work towards becoming totally vegan.”

What made Georges give up the cruel stuff? One word: Earthings.

Yes, sir!  One of Ecorazzi’s favorite documentaries convinced the big guy to put down the meat. To learn more about this great film, check our exclusive interview with Earthlings creator Shaun Monson

Welcome to the club, Georges! 

thanks to Gary from Evolotus PR for the tip! 

  • Ashley From Mass

    This guy proves you can’t judge a book from it’s cover.

  • Marrisa

    This makes me so happy! I’m so giddy I went as far as to send him a thank you e-mail for the light he’s shedding on animal rights and healthy living. Hopefully he’ll be idolized for more then just his athletic ability.

  • Suasoria

    Aww, a gentle giant. Who says you have to eat meat to be manly?

  • LuLu


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  • s

    i love it when athletes go vegetarian/vegan because it disproves the argument so many meat-eaters make against vegetarianism. i mean, nobody can say he’s not getting enough protein!

  • Koorosh

    I have no doubt that the quality of his life will improve as he continues down the road of living a cruelty free lifestyle. Bravo .. Bravo ..

  • Jen Hamilton

    I actually went to his website yesterday and sent him a personal email and he wrote me back! Well, maybe it was his assistant but I got a response in a few hours. I hope that he goes vegan.


    The more veganlebrities come out of the closet, the more conversions are made. Come out, come out wherever you are!! :) xo

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  • Janine Alfieri

    Mes félicitations à Monsieur Georges Larque. C,est facile de faire ce que tout le monde fait mais d’aller à contre-courant , cela prend du courage et c’est le courage qui fait un être humain FORT et viril, la VIRILITÉ est une qualité de l’âme et n’a rien à voir avec le sexe. Je suis moi-même végétarienne depuis 1990 et malgré mes 74 ans je suis en excellente santé et je ne fréquente que très rarement les cabines de medecins , première bonne chose pour notre système de santé qui s’en va à la dérive. Etre végétarien c’est bon pour notre santé, bon pour la planète, bon pour les animaux, et tous les céréales que l’on utilise pour nourrir ces pauvres êtres sans défense on pourrait les utiliser pour nourrir les humains les plus déshérités de la planète. Etre VIRIL c’est penser aux autres , animaux, êtres humains oui Monsieur Laraque fait preuve de virilité mais cela n’a rien à voir avec son sexe ou sa masse musculaire , cela à avoir avec son coeur et c’est la chose la plus importante sur terre.

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  • Ewa

    It’s so refreshing! A hockey player that has principles!
    Hope it sends a clear message to his fans.

  • Jon Hagan

    I just spoke with Georges and wrote an article on him becoming a vegan. It’s titled, “The Unlikely Vegetarian” and I posted it on my blog:

    Have a read and let me know what you think!

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