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Hot on the heels of their successful tree planting tie-in with the film EARTH, Disney is today launching a new multiplatform environmental initiative that will help kids help the planet. Called “Friends for Change“, the year-long campaign will give kids practical ways to preserve the planet, track each participant’s collective impact and have the opportunity to vote on how $1 million in donations from Disney will be divided and invested in various environmental causes over the course of a year.

As expected, Disney Channel stars are coming out in force to promote the initiative. First up are two commercials from the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus. Check them out below — or visit the official site here for more information!

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  • Ashley

    The Jonas Brothers are still relevant?

  • http://disney/friendsforchange Celsa.perez

    hey famous people i love to help the world because i live in it and it’s my responsibility to take care of it because it’s helping me breathe and im helping it thanks to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • erin

    when will they just go away with their awful hair?

  • abby

    they look amazinglyy gorgeous!! <33

  • EcoLabel Fundraising

    That’s great to see them utilizing those stars with influence to promote good causes.

  • sandra valdez

    i think this is a greate i dea bacause i want to save the planet,animals the people and i want to be resposible to save the planet because i live in it.

  • Arwen

    I’m now boycotting all Disney products, movies, etc, because global warming is a hoax and a lie. Shame on the government for this. And on Disney. I cannot believe how many people can be duped into believing politicians over their own eyes, ears and other senses. It’s a shame.

  • Ana Vargas

    They are some famous people and if they are going to help our world then we should to by planting trees why because trees help you breathe so just don’t stand there do something to help the world.Peopple can start by planting more trees like I will be doing starting Monday because it weeks with out walls. I’m in harrison Prep goes green that group is so to be planting trees and plants like flowers. Help the world now it needs you!!!!

  • Kilee Vega

    It’s good to see everyone trying to inspire kids in helping our planet. I really hope this “Friends For Change” will also influence kids everywhere… Well good luck!

  • Audrey Eliza

    I’m so glad to see that even rockstars want to save the world we live in. Well, everyone should!!

  • Audrey Eliza

    What happened to Joe’s hair?

  • http://myspace myra

    hey i a big fan of the jonas bro i can sing like demi but i need help starting my life i live in corpus christi and go green saave the world

  • Sara Nguyen

    I’m glad that young teen/kids stars help promote start to help the earth. If we don’t start now, it might be to late to for the future of the earth. Pick up trash and after yourself, recycle, educate other about the importance of helping the earth. Thanks you guys/girls!!

  • Mark C

    I love it when talking hairdos from Hollywood talk about something they know nothing about–Earth to climate change freaks–the earth has cooled .3 Celsius in the last 30 months and arctic ice is at 1980 levels. Check out !

  • kylie shepherd

    Hey guys,I am a big fan of the Jonas Brothers!

  • kylie shepherd

    Check out! The Jonas Brothers have a test to see who you are!

  • kylie shepherd

    Woops! I Ment DISNEY GAMES.COM!

  • Alexis

    Erin Is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo WRONG!!!!!!

  • Kayla

    I love The JOBROS! they rock. Love ya.

  • gabriella

    i think Jonas Brothers could help even thought there a band there still people liveingon earthand god bless them. i love the JB and i will neve stop i think the JB should help our plant and children all ages soo keep on going jonas brothers cause oyur dreams came true and know you can do more :)

  • http://NONE LUPITA


  • http://friendsforchange kittycat24

    I LOVE YOU JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!Next time try your hair strait.

  • Whoever…

    To those 2 people here who deny the real evidences about climate change – what drugs are you on?


    “earth has cooled .3 Celsius?”
    “Arctic ice is at 1980 levels?”
    So all the satellite images where you can actually see the ice disappearing at an alarming rate are a conspiracy? What about the majority of scientists all over the world (yes Arwen there is a world besides the USA) who have already reached the consensus that global warming is real and that it’s the result of human activities (among them the most destructive is animal industry)? Are all of them wrong?

    Maybe you’re among those who believe god created the world in 6 days and that creationist should be taught in school. And you probably think humans are superior to animals and that these are here to serve us! Maybe you believe science is a product of satan or something!!!

    I advise you to leave your cave (just for a while because the world doesn’t need the likes of you 2) and be informed before making a fool out of yourselves!!

    “duped into believing politicians over their own eyes, ears and other senses” – FYI, in my country it’s raining and it’s cold as if it was winter (global warming doesn’t mean that it will be warmer everywhere – it means that the global temperature rises but in certain areas it can become colder than before). I’m still young but I can’t recall a time when the temperature was so low during this time of year!! If this isn’t trusting my senses and realizing this is due to climate change, then I don’t know what is!!

    Maybe you should live in places like Mali.
    Then you wouldn’t write such absurdities!

    Zombies… :)

    Regarding the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus it’s great they’re doing this (although I really can’t see what’s so special about the ‘brothers’ – I actually think they’re very corny, but that’s just me!)


  • Samantha willie

    I think this is a good idea because if we get more people to go green maybe we can save the earth!

  • evelyn gregory

    i realy want to live a good earth so i tell my friends to green.

  • http://disney/friendsforchange lyric jackcson

    Alexis is right Erin is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo WRONG

  • raven

    i think erin is wrong and that the earth
    need you to help it so go green help
    earth think of the things you could
    save just by planting turning off light
    when not in use. me my family love pets
    and earth and mother nature we plant
    all the time we recycle cans so go green
    save earth

  • marisa

    i thank people who helps the earth are very nice cause they dont pollute .people who
    throw cans,bottle,and plastic
    stuff i dislike them cause they kill the earth i just wish all the people will
    go green and save the earth

  • H

    I think this is a great idea.

  • aya

    i think helping the earth is a great idea and going green will help the earth more

  • http://moZillafirefoX michael

    i think that helping the earth is a great i idea and i love the earth and i am going green to help the earth more

  • Samantha burwin

    I love the idea of Friends for! This planet is great and amazing and we should all treat it like it is.Think of it in capitals like this EARTH!beacause it is that inportant.I PLEDGE TO FOREVER BE GREEN!

  • as

    I’M willing to take the pledge because it’s for the enviroment .Plus because the trees gives oxygen.If it wasn’t for the trees we woudn’t breath.

  • http://dointhaveone Jordan Baker

    i agree we need to change the world and i am going to help we need to recicle bottles of water and turn of the lights when we arre not useing them.also other stuff.
    luv you all

  • freddie lozoya

    i think helping the earth is good because if we just put things on the grand it wolud look naste and we need to help it by keeping healthy :} :} :}

  • freddie lozoya

    its good keeping the earth healthy

  • Dilpreet Dhillon


  • Ralph

    The idea of friends for change rox.Its about time we take it seriously about saving the Earth.

  • jennifer

    friends for change rox.i love friends for chage it`s cool. : )

  • STEPHEN Heck

    I pledge to do my best to go green.

  • http://hotmail brianna

    i am going to plant trees and pick up trash. im going to reyclce too. Because of all the people who entred i love the earth you should to. so think about what your plant is going to look like when its all trashy so think before you throw.think green or not your efting the world and yourshelf and who lives on earth. so love dream happy thoughts and help the world please help the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I pledge to go green cause it’s our planet if we don’t clean it then who will?

  • Olivia Doss-Wyatt

    Thank you Disney Channel for helping the earth. And I wanna help,too!!!!!!!! To save the earth from dieing.

  • lauren

    Disney Channel you guys are awesome for helping the Earth!I am going to help too. I have been picing up trash since I was 5. and now I am 10!!!!

  • http://disney megan

    great idea love you guys you help

  • destini

    i think this is something good 2 do because it helps the earth and kids 2 go green

  • Mikel Stephens

    Are you guys seriously endoctrinating kids for your political agenda?
    Why not tell kids the truth instead of forcing feel-good ideas in their heads without real and verifyable science?
    Let’s puch conservation instead ov extreme environmentalism.

  • SmartGirl

    1)Lightning repairs the ozone layer which prevents many of the violent sun rays that we are experiencing now.
    2)What we are going through (global warming)is a cycle.It happened during the cavemen’s time when the ice bridge melted,causing some cavemen to be on different continents,which caused them to evolve into:whites,blacks, and in-betweens.This cycle is begining again due to polution and destruction of the ozone layer.
    3)Trees only give us oxygen, and do not protect us from the sun.
    4)If you don’t believe me then you should have listened better in school or did research instead of beleiving the psychos,crazies,dramatic news reporters, and your friends who believed those ppl.
    5)If your wondering what subjects to find out about this stuff would be in science and possibly social studies.
    6)My theories to conclude about this are:
    (a)The cycle is going to reverse, causing another ice age.(b)If the cycle is starting over,it’ll be harder on us because of the destruction of the ozone layer.(c)It is possible that scientists can repair the ozone layer themselves because one molecule of the ozone is made up of 3oxygen atoms,but making too much of ozone could cause health problems.(d)It is good that ppl are trying to make a change in this world because pollution isn’t natural and Earth might start to ecologically destruct itself as a way to repair itself.
    *All of the Disney characters are fake.Who really thinks that those rich kids will get on their hands and knees when they can pay some1 else to do it for them?Well,they got ya’ll sprung,because they are using a propaganda technique.You are the ones keeping this world together,not them.They don’t need to tell you twice,because I will.YOU ARE THE ONES KEEPING THIS WORLD TOGETHER, NOT THEM.

  • Brianna

    You don’t have to believe in global warming to help the environment. You can at least help out to reduce pollution. You can SEE pollution. I commend Disney for making an effort to help out and anyone who boycotts their product for the sole reason that they care about this planet is an imbisole and doesn’t deserve to breath clean air.

  • Ashley

    I’m glad that friends for change is here helping save our planet. By 2050 our planet will go through 1 year of distruction if we don’t change our ways. so stop littering, turn OFF the water when your not using it and turn off electricity when your not around it and our planet will be safe

  • http://disney oniya

    i love how you guys are helping in a way but the song is kind of wierd

    • http://comast hanna

      sorry but the song is not wierd

  • Schae Hill

    HI, my name is Schae Hill and I am always trying to help the Earth and I want to help so I can change the world and I can make a huge difference. Thank you!

    Love Schae

  • claire schoemick

    when we all help together we can make a diff. hi joe,nick,and kevin

  • Erin Jacobson

    Going green, well everyone should do it unless you want a crappy lifestyle,
    like all around my yard theres garbage thats not even ours and I snarl in disgust and think that I should’ve rought some gloves or something so the next time i see garbage on the side of the road I will pick it up! And tell your parents that unless its really far away use something other than a motor bike or car (plus it helps u save money) Use a bike or roller blades anything that dosent spit out gasoline to pollute our air and make our trees, flowers and gardens die! We need there air!
    Now that the earth is helping us we need to help the earth by going green and stop polluting our earth!
    But were not thinking about ourselfs here! Were thinking about the people who live on the earth, the earth itself and the kids that have not been born and who want to see the whole world themselfs not on movies or in books but themselfs!
    There going to want to grow up and see the world just like we will!
    But there dream to see the earth my not come if we dont stop polluting and go
    green! WHOS WITH ME!?!?! Come on help me out here! Oh and call me E.J!

  • http://www.disney/ Lola

    If disney channel stars are willing to save the earth, then I will too. It’s better than suffering later, BELIEVE ME!

  • allie lafever

    i love our earth and i want to keep it is importent that we keep our earth heathy because we could die of pollution.even people as great as the JOBROS need to help keep our earth clean,and it kills animals too.such as the polar bear……as globalwarming is melting the ice the polar bear has to find a new home.we need to reduse,reuse,and recycle to help save the polar bears and not polluite our earth.ever sence i was 6 my favorit color has been GREEN!!!!!!!because i love the earth.and if u come and help save humans and animals that live on this planet which we stand called EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jailene

    I think people like erin r wrong goes think about the changeings in our life . goes imaging all the tress died if that happen their won’t be air so we couldn’t breath .And I think the bros R hot really really hot so erin is so not right

  • Pyper

    Hello, You know were I live in Panama but I am actually from California, In Panama Me and my best Friend Arianna saw de-forestation, animal killing and also Forest fires we saw how people hated the earth it was horrible even to see we had tears in our eyes to se the forests being burnt and when we were riding our bikes we saw thi mountain with a little house in the middle And absolutley no trees on that mountain it was horrible they didn’t even re-plant another tree.

  • http://myspace athzay flores


    I LOVE U NICK!!:]


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  • Arianna

    Hi, I am from Panama and I’m sure you read what my best friend Pyper said, It’s all true we even saw people littering, polluting and they didn’t even care!! I’t was horrifing. And when you looked out the window you just saw bottles, cans and paper everywere.

  • Payton

    I and all my friends want to pleg and come in with all the other a millian viouces and be a part of the friends for change


  • Hannah Lusby Concord,MA

    I feel it is important to join this program to help change the world. I heard that if we keep using greenhouse gases, Earth would turn into Venus. Also, the temperatures in the oceans are rising, endangering many sharks.

  • Collyn

    What we are doing to help the earth is so awesome Wake up America! Go green!

  • chin sisters

    Erin is Jealous..probably bald too! Jo Bros rock! It’s awesome that they’re using them sexy selves for such an awesome cause! We pledge to do our best to help out! Go Green!!

  • Cathi

    I think the pledge is creepy. It is a move toward a one world/new world order that will usurp all our freedoms with out our intial oppostition because on a “simple” level it sounds “nice”. It’s no different than luring someone into harm with candy. Beware. The Earth has been changinjg since its creation – cold/hot, ice, not; it’s the nature of nature. It is really hubrious of us to think it has to remain perfectly suited to us – that’s the real disrespt to the planet.

  • hope

    friends for change is a great way to save our planet. God said that he has created this planet for humans to take care of. we need to take that responsibility and do it. so thank you disney for helping us take care of our earth!

  • shannon bennett

    joe you don’t know me but we are going to be married.

  • jada miles

    I think that will be a great. to do something like that and I am just 11 yaers old. and I live in washingtion dc and where I live no one puts there things in the trash so we need help so I am calling for diseny to come and help us.

  • Candice

    I think this is really good

  • Nikki

    Im really glad everyone is goin for friends for change! We really can make a difference if we all go green and help the world one step at a time!

  • tegan

    this is a really awsom song .. where can i find lyrics?

  • Dezi gurl

    ok i do belive in helping the planet but i think erin iz wrong we need 2 do more than that. i am 12 years old and i help the earth az muchaz i can on a daily bases i think alot of ppl should but im not gonna tell u wat to do u r ur own person so if u do deside to go green then if not thats fine. and another thing u think those rich kids on diseny r gonna bend ova or turn of lights wen they can jus pay somebody to? ya i dont think so. i dont beleive that but some ppl do. SO GO GREEN HELP THE PLANET!!!!

  • hannah griffin

    go green your the best.

  • Michael

    My dad owns a four wheeled bike that we pedal around our town, and we’ve had it for about a year now, saving a gallon of gas a month. So far, we’ve put on over 1200 miles on it. I don’t know about you guys, but i think that it is a great way to save fuel. We are also doing everything we can to save the enviroment. After all, we only have on planet earth.

  • ann marie

    i love the way u guys are helping the enviroment i wish i can be a part of it to because i love to help people.

  • nisha

    hi nick , joe and kevin i really love the way u guys are helping the environment
    i wanna be a part of it cuz i love helping people as u do

  • ruby

    hi i am katelynn and i live in pensacola florda and when i go to the beach i pickup all of the trash and i help Keep the Earth stay green everyday! and this comment is to friends for change friends for change you are doing a verygood job!:)