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khloe kardashian seals

Looks like Khloe Kardashian is truly embracing the animal rights scene.

Earlier this year, the Keeping up with the Kardashians star appeared in PETA’s “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign. On Wednesday evening, she attended Nigel Barker’s Save The Seals event — intended to raise awareness on the plight of seals skinned for their fur. Writing on her blog she said,

On Wednesday night, before I went to Maxim’s Hot 100 party, I went to Nigel Barker’s Save the Seals event. Nigel is truly an incredible man — so influential and the work he’s done for these beautiful, harmless creatures is truly amazing!!! After teaming up with the Humane Society [of the United State], Nigel went to Canada to document the birth, growth and death of the seals there.

The seals are being hunted for their fur and the purpose of this event was to bring awareness to the unnecessary cruelty being inflicted upon them :(

Malika and I went together and just seeing the photographs that Nigel took makes you wonder how anyone could ever want to hurt such beautiful animals.

My brother Brody and his girlfriend Jade were there, as well as Carmen Electra and her husband Rob. It was a really moving experience and I am flattered to have been invited to attend!

Glad to see Khloe getting the word out on her blog. If you would like to learn more about the seal hunt — and Barker’s work to help end it — check out the HSUS page here.

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  • Mo

    I don’t watch that show, so I could be wrong, but aren’t they the idiots with a baby primate of some reason? That hardly seems like embracing animal rights :/

    Don’t get me wrong- I like to see any celebrity getting the word out that animal cruelty is wrong. They need to follow the same believe structure and make ethical choices in their personal lives as well, though, for that message to really mean anything.

  • Mo

    “of some reason” shouldn’t be there. This is what I get for commenting after waking up and not proof-reading.

  • nonfictions

    Yes, they are the idiots that rented a baby chimpanzee for their mom to baby for a few days.

    It annoys me that Khloe would be considered an animal rights activist just because she doesn’t wear fur. She probably still wears leather and eats meat.

  • Whoever…

    Well she’s a phony… plain and simple!

    She probably did this because it’s a good thing for her public image!

    Or then she’s one of those who love to save cute animals but don’t give a sh*t about the meat industry, animal testing (I doubt her make-up wasn’t tested on animals), etc…


    But at least it’s a start. Maybe one day she’ll evolve enough to consider that all animals deserve to live their lives freely and happily as we do!

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  • Sarah Carstetter

    I’m so glad celebrities are speaking out there voice for the seals!