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Kara DioGuardi, the newest judge on Fox’s American Idol series, has teamed up with PETA for a new ad campaign urging people to help animals. “Be aware when you see an animal in the street [who’s] wounded or one [who] looks lost. Just check its tags, call the owner and just be aware,” she says. “They’re really sweet, precious souls, and they need to be treated accordingly.”

Check out a video with DioGuardi and her dog Tikki over on PETA’s site by clicking here.

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  • herwin

    i dont get it, PETA is campaigning that dog owners should walk their dog everyday ?

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  • rosa

    maybe one of those dogs she saves can inspire her to write a better song next time because No Boundaries sucks! Hopefully Adam will win tonight even though the media says he doesn’t have a chance because he is gay:

  • zing22

    Maybe the dogs, and angel wings are to fool us all into forgetting what a horribly annoying, unprofessional, self centered bitch she’s been this season. I still remember when one of her fans brought up a scrap book. After the little girl walked off she said, “If this is one of my fans, then what does that say about me?” Then there was immature 14 year old cat fight with Katrina. She was supposed to be the mature, judge. Instead she acted like a kid.

    Now she writes this monstrosity of a song and ruins the finale with it. She ruined the finale song! She did. That is the most poorly constructed piece of garbage I’ve ever heard in all 8 seasons of idol. It has no catchyness, hard to sing, poor melody. I could go on and on. Maybe she should quit being a judge and move on to dogs. Now there’s a good idea.

  • herwin

    she is not even naked, what kind of PETA camapign is that. :-(

  • Donnie

    PETA, the organization who tells us that milking cows is cruel and destroys the bovine’s self-esteem. PETA, the people who have willfully killed more animals than 500 years of Michael Vick dog murdering. Yeah, a real credible organization to be hooked up with.