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bale_vegetarianI once read somewhere that Christian Bale is fond of screwing with the media — answering questions with enigmatic responses, making things up, etc. This latest exchange, however, between the Dark Knight star and GQ Magazine is just f**king bizarre. Here it is below:

The bodybuilding and unbuilding you’ve done for your roles is alarming—the former all the more so for its being accomplished without any animal protein.
Actually, I’m in and out of the vegetarianism now. But yeah, the majority of the building up you’re talking about was done when I was still a vegetarian.

When did you fall off the wagon?
Just after I’d completed American Psycho [for which Bale, as the preening sociopath Patrick Bateman, got furiously ripped].

Dietary reasons? Or something to do with the character?
I was up in Toronto and went to see that movie Life Is Beautiful. By myself. And when I came out, I had a craving for blood unlike anything I had ever experienced since I decided to go vegetarian at the age of 7. It was a compulsion. It was undeniable. I went to several restaurants, one right after the other, and got the biggest, bloodiest steaks I could get my hands on. It was the first time I had tasted flesh in almost twenty years.

Life Is Beautiful.

That makes sense.

Life is Beautiful?! You mean a movie about Nazi, Germany and concentration camps turned Bale into a meat-eater? He’s either f**king with us in a very sick way or well, yea, I don’t know what to think. I mean, who the hell reacts to a movie like that in that way. (Christan Bale, Michael, Christian Bale.)

Yea, he’s got to be f**king with us.

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  • Pete

    i dunno. it sounds legit “Actually, I’m in and out of the vegetarianism now. But yeah, the majority of the building up you’re talking about was done when I was still a vegetarian.” sounds it may be true. he may may have gotten sarcastic about why (if he did) start eating meat, but i have a gut feeling it may be true. i’m hoping it’s not true, but … :(

  • Michael Andre d’Estries

    No, I agree Pete regarding the vegetarian thing. Even during his preparation for The Machinist, he said that he ate nothing but tunafish and water.

    It’s why he stopped being veggie that I think the bogus answer came in. It’s a messed up answer to be sure, but I also like the way he screws with the media from time to time.

  • Whoever…

    Somebody please send him ‘Earthlings’ a.s.a.p.!

    That will put him back on track…


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  • jamie lynn

    i agree that his reason/answer is complete BS, but couldn’t he have picked some horrible movie? “Life is Beautiful” is, well, beautiful…what a terrible association for people to have!

  • Margot

    LOL! Hilarious.

  • Ashley

    That’s funny but random strong cravings for meat happens out of the blue sometimes. I wonder why.

  • Rachel-Rebecka

    There’s no way he can be serious. Another example of him trying to mess with us. Silly Christian Bale… silly silly.

  • http://Ecorazzi LaurenL

    If he hadn’t had meat since he was 7, and then went and ate the “bloodiest steaks” he could find, he would be extremely ill.
    I am hoping that he isn’t serious, that he is still a vegetarian and that his comment was to be taken sarcastically. I am not saying that it was appropriate or pc in any way shape or form, but he may have been making a comment about the value of life. You know, that all life is truely a miracle and should be respected. Just a thought!

  • RemyC

    two day old coyote diet…

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  • http://none Wesleyb

    I would say he’s most definitely f’ing with them.
    that just reads as damn near psycho after seeing life is beautiful, come on?

  • KC

    You know, some people believe steaks taste good. Maybe after seeing all those lives ended tragically early, he thought that he should experience life to the fullest and not voluntarily deny himself life’s pleasures?

  • Saccy

    Those Who Are Vegetarian They Stand And Defend Non Voilence For Helpless And Mute Animals.Jesus Advocated Vegetarianism In The Gospel Of Holy Twelve And In Gospel Of Essence

  • Angie

    It sounds like he is saying eating meat is its own holocaust.

  • cbfan

    he probably said that because all the jews in the concentration camps were obviously on a forced vegan diet for many years. Not eating meat could have contributed to making them softer, weaker and unable to think rationally and defend themselves, instead, they turned the other cheek and awaited their death.