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dduchovnyRumor has it that David Duchovny was spotted getting his chow on at a vegan-friendly restaurant in Cali this past weekend.

According to E Online:

“David Duchovny, totally solo (like, duh)hitting up Brentwood eatery A Votre Sante for brunch to go this past weekend. Double D opted not to let onlookers stare at him while he ate alone at the vegan-friendly place, so he waited outside for his takeaway meal.”

I’m still waiting to hear if David is rocking the vegan diet (he was at one point), but it sure looks like he might be.

What’s your best veggie celebrity sighting story? Chime in and share your tale!

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  • erin

    You know I love ya but this isn’t even a vegan restaurant. Nearly every restaurant I went to during the 8 yrs I lived there and my frequent visits since have vegan options.. including this one.

    I guess I could understand if he were seen every day at like.. Rawvolution which is 100% vegan raw or another all vegan eatery.,. but not this place where they serve meat.


  • Tracie

    He’s also been spotted, multiple times, at Candle 79 in NY before, so who knows.

    Maybe he’s a closet vegan :p

  • erin

    Ah ok that’s refreshing. Was just there a few months ago. One of the best vegan restaurants I’ve been to (and nope no celeb sightings ;)


  • T

    I sat next to Andre 3000 at Angelica’s Kitchen, and I saw Natalie Portman at Blossom.

  • Nicole

    I’ve ran into David Duchovny probably 10 times in Candle Cafe when I lived in New York City! He was there close to every time I went in.

  • EdNsexy

    I love this man. David Duchvony rules!

    I am glad to know he has very good habits because I love seeing him in CALIFORNICATION.

  • steph

    yeah i know he used to be…so maybe he is back on the veggie wagon.

    now i must stalk candle 79…i have had the hots for this man since i was…like….12. lolz him going back to veggie would be just awesome.

    i sadly have zero veg celebrity sighting stories.

  • herwin

    i did bump into Allison watson in the Vegan Healing cafe in Tokyo and was lucky to join her little group for a few Stop Killing Dolphin demo’s.
    Some days later i run into Silverstein, they vegan, musician and PETA supporters, and invited me and friends for free concert the next day.

  • Dennis

    I ran into Jennifer Aniston at Ocean Avenue last week :)

  • VeggieTart

    That doesn’t mean he was eating a vegan meal there.

    My spontaneous famous person sighting is from December 2003 when my boyfriend and I were leaving the Vegetable Garden in Rockville, Maryland, and we ran into Senator Joe Lieberman, his wife, and a guard coming in.

    After TAFA in 2006, there was a benefit at Java Green for COK with Nellie McKay, but that was a planned thing. I’ve met her two or three times.

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