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rsz_1untitledFamily guy creator Seth MacFarlane has officially given Mother Earth the old middle finger with his latest buy.

News broke recently that the funny man has purchased his very own… plane. Really? A plane?

We’re sure that MacFarlane can afford the ride in the sky – especially after the $100 million contract he signed last May – but can our atmosphere? 

This kind of ruins those two green PSA’s he just did for Fox.  Unless, of course, he bought an early version of Boeing’s hydrogen fuel cell-powered light-aircraft.   But we kinda think he didn’t.

What would you do with a 100 million dollars (besides donate to your favorite blog)? Chime in and voice your thoughts!

  • Pierre

    I’d probably get some nice summer-weight socks.

  • Mags

    Seth Macfarlane was scheduled to be on the first plane that crashed into the world trade center on September 11th. (seriously, look it up) With the support of eco-friendly initiatives, and carbon offset credits, I don’t fault him in the slightest for trying to do the traveling he obviously has to do for his career safely.

  • Babant

    Ok, I respect the guy, I am fan of his shows, I think he is a genius at what he does, but plane? Really?
    As was mentioned in the article, you can’t promote green way of living and then buy a jet next month.
    Good job sir, you really Green it, Mean it! :-(
    P.S.: Ok, I admit, I might not see the whole picture, but it just looks bad from public point of view.

  • milehound

    I wouldn’t be so disgusted with private jet owning/flying ecocelebs if they would just own up to their increased carbon footprint and use and promote carbon offset schemes. I bet Seth could offset his PJ for $1M just by buying up some rainforest land. PJs, however, are statistically more deadly than commercial aircraft, so pleading post-9/11 trauma is unconvincing at best.

  • John

    thats weird. especially vonsidering he’s a liberal democrat. I thought he he was hugely Pro-environmental.

  • chantal

    My mom works for a company in Canada that builds components for private jets.. and I’m a raving eco-ambassador.. she jokingly said the CEO’s keeping bonuses from the bailouts kept her employed. There are 125 staff left from 600 last summer at her company. So, it’s not so one sided as it first seems. Though that’s social impact over environmental.

  • Melissa

    Seth is always late. No kidding. Most likely he bought the plane so that he does not have to be at the airport on time, can take his Jack Daniels and weed with him. If I had that kind of cash…hell yeah!