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We had high hopes that David Letterman would not grip the steering wheel of the concept Chevy Volt all-electric vehicle and pretend to be electrocuted. The Late Night host did a similar stunt a few weeks back with the Tesla Roadster and it was less than funny. Unfortunately, with GM’s Bob Lutz standing by, Letterman did just that as he was shown the car last night on the show. All I can say is, thank God for Jay Leno.

That aside, it was good to see Lutz giving Letterman some good facts on the Volt — something the host failed at badly while bashing the car on the earlier program. The only real bummer is that we probably won’t get a crack at actually owning one until early 2012. Check out the video below:

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  • RemyC

    Lutz misses the point of the Volt. I don’t think he still understands the need for it. He’s just going along with the pressures of the times and the job. He hasn’t yet awakened to the planetary revolution that’s taking place. He’s doing what the “market” is asking of him, in other words, what the Obama administration is demanding of GM. Lutz is still clueless as to what this is all about, and sadly, the Volt, as a car, its design, its over-all appearance, reflects that. It’s a plug-in dumped into the same kind of lame GM clunky looking design… souless. New wine in old bottles. It has absolutely no fine lines… it’s crude, it’s got no style. In other words, it’s ugly, it’s uncomfortable, so who is going to want one?

  • Steven

    To RemyC: I want one and I will buy one and you will wish you had one.

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  • goldoildrugz

    lame? right, because dave clearly thought he was engaging in cutting-edge humour…

    as for the volt, it is still burdened by the limitless faggotry of its anticipated audience. nobody wants an “electric car”.

    planetary revolution? wow, it must feel great to be the harbinger of the ways of the future. imagine if you ever had to realise that you, your thoughts, feelings and actions are 100% unimportant by every standard of measure…

    p.s. the way you list “eco-celebs” proudly is hilarious. irrespective of their views on “the environment”, they are uniformly a bunch of douchenozzles… probably not a coincidence.

  • Bill

    Um, Lutz is lying about the so-called cost and — in particular — the “maintenance costs” of the EV-1.

    The maintenance cost of the EV-1 was virtually nil. The induction motor had only one moving part that didn’t require any service. End of story.

    See, without lots of expensive service required, auto companies and their dealers and their parts suppliers would instantly be in trouble. And that’s the reason why the EV-1 got killed.

  • Phil

    Thank God for Jay Leno? Really?


    Because the level of discourse on the Tonight Show under his watch has ever approached anything close to Lutz’s appearance on this episode of Letterman?


    Like it or not, late night talk shows are around first and foremost to make people laugh, not to inform. The fact that Letterman dedicated multiple segments on two different shows within a month of each other to talk about hybrid vehicles is a huge gesture on his part to try and raise awareness of hybrid alternatives to the general populous. (And it’s the only reason I’m reading your site right now… I’ll be sure not to do that again.)

    Those of us who care about the environment should be happy to have whatever media attention we can get outside of our own little enviro-hippie echo chamber. Even if it involves electrocution humor.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to buy one Kraft Easy Mac and get a second one free with this banner ad coupon that I see on top of this page. Because as we all know, disposable single-use macaroni and cheese containers are awesome for the environment.


    Way to fight the good fight, Michael.