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ad92“It was my mom’s idea. One day she came home and announced that the whole house was going veg. It was fine with me, because when I realized hamburgers came from cows, I was horrified.”

- Race car driver Leilani Munter discussing how she went VEG. Do you rock that earth-healthy, green-lovin, plant-based diet. Chime in and share your story about going VEG and then make sure you stop by It’s like the coolest!


  • erin

    I had sent a few articles about her some time back to the only other veg race car driver I know – dear friend Randy

    It’s mentioned right on his site that he’s vegetarian (for many years) and eats lots of raw too.

    He was the one who gave me the second half of his membership at LivingFoodsInstitute in Atlanta. Great guy!


  • s

    cool! i didnt even know there were any veggie racecar drivers. of course, i dont watch alot of NASCAR, but its still cool.
    i went veggie after going to the county fair and seeing the baby chickens. definitely too cute to eat! :)

  • Whoever…


    We’re everywhere! Today the arts and the sports world, TOMORROW the planet!!!

    Ha, ha, ha *evil laughter*

    :) :)

  • erin

    When more politicians go veg then i’ll really be psyched ;)