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ae5aMichael Vick has always been a hot topic on the Razz.  As most know, last year Vick was charged with participating in a brutally violent dogfighting operation and sentenced to time in prison.

Last week I wrote a piece announcing that the HSUS had agreed to work with Vick in an effort to assist in his reformation. While many approved,  some readers were skeptical of the partnership and not completely confident that Vick could change his wicked ways. However, one man’s story just might convince otherwise.

Sean Moore participated in dogfighting on the streets of Chicago for over 15 years. In that time he watched over a hundred dogs die agonizing deaths for the sake of this atrocious “sport.” Now, he’s a changed man.

Moore has spent the last two years as an anti-dogfighting advocate (ADA) for The HSUS’s End Dogfighting program, to help educate and transform young people.

“It’s a sad situation what I’ve done to these animals that haven’t really asked to have anything done to them,” says Moore, who now owns three pet pit bulls. “[I thought] that’s what pit bulls are supposed to do; that’s what we were taught.”

Moore’s story is absolutely inspiring and proves that anybody can be reformed with just a little bit of education. Read this powerful piece at!

  • Get Technical

    Awesome! And you know he really means it, ’cause he’s not trying to revive a pathetic celebrity status.

    Just a regular guy, who applied himself and proved people can change.